Nike full body exercises fatloss workout

by Monica

Check out the walkout pushup with swivel, crab db curls, basketball lunge to press, crazy Ivans and medicine ball bunny hops. All these fatloss exercises are available through the Nike training club app which happens to be free!

To combine these awesome Nike full body exercises into a killer fatloss workout simply set your Gymboss interval timer for 30-45 sec. intervals and perform each exercise for 30-45 sec. (on each side for single side exercises). After one circuit rest then repeat 3 more times.

You can also try 8-12 reps of each exercise going from one to the next without rest then take a short break and repeat the circuit as many times as possible in 25 min.

**The videos below may or may not play on your computer. If they won't play then it is likely a graphics card issue and the only thing we can recommend is you go directly to youtube to watch them. Only 2 people have reported having trouble with this so far.

Walkout Pushup with Swivel

Medicine Ball Bunny Hops

Crab DB Curl to Press

Basketball Lunge to Press

Crazy Ivans

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