My new mommy body :(

by Adriane
(Ormond Beach, FL)

I am having a baby girl this October (YAY!!) and I'm very excited and happy about that. But I'm not very excited to see what my body looks like after I deliver.

Hi Monica!!

I've really enjoyed your website and newsletters for almost 2 years now! Thanks so much for all you do!

I am having a baby girl this October (YAY!!) and I'm very excited and happy about that. But I'm not very excited to see what my body looks like after I deliver.So far in my pregnancy I've gained 30 lbs and I have another 11 weeks to go.

Other than walking I haven't exercised much during my pregnancy because I've been nauseous the entire time (not fun). Before I got pregnant I was a regular exerciser, often doing your workouts from this website (which I LOVED). I realize I won't be able to exercise like I used to after I deliver for many reasons. But once I get clearance from my doctor to start exercising again where should I start? Is there a beginner program or a "starting over after not exercising for a long time" routine that you would recommend? Also, as I'm sure you know well, time will certainly be a huge factor once the baby is here. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks Monica!!

Ormond Beach, FL

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My new mommy body :(

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I could write a book on stubborn baby fat
by: Monica

Hey Adri, Congratulations on your baby!!! How exciting for you. I remember how happy I was when I was bonding with my son those first few months even without sleep, and feeling a bit worried about how I looked. I felt like I was in somebody else's body for a while and I did not get clearance to exercise until 2 months post pregnancy due to C-section pain.

Your body WILL go back to normal or look even better once you get back on a challenging routine. The main thing to focus on every other day is core strength. Try 3 days a week of the toned abs workout along with 10-20 min. of walk/run cardio intervals (with baby in jogger if possible to burn more calories). Then 2-3 days a week of a quick weightloss bootcamp workout.

You don't need to spend hours working out (I did this and it didn't work at all). Instead focus on quick and intense workouts almost daily and you will get your body back faster.

After about 4-6 weeks you can increase the intensity on the weightloss workouts a progress to more challenging ab and bootcamp exercises for even faster results.

Try not to rush the process. Obviously you don't want to make all the mistake I did and take 18 long months to lose the baby fat but I think you should be able to lose 30 lb in about 3-6 months depending on fatigue, hormones, diet, stress, etc.

Another important thing you can do from the start is eat super clean and eat an adequate calorie intake for your needs (nursing doesn't require as many calories as many women think and if you're not nursing then cutting back on calories a bit helps but going overboard usually stalls weightloss). Use a journal to monitor food and weight changes. This will help you fine tune your ideal calorie intake for weightloss faster.

Keep me posted and so happy to see you being proactive vs. waiting like many moms do : )

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