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MacGyver Fat Loss Toning Workout

by Monica

I was at the studio training a couple of clients the other day and EVERY piece of equipment I needed was either taken or lost so I had to MacGyver a workout.

It's been a long time since I've had to do this but it actually worked to my client's advantage. She came in two days later asking what the heck I had done to her. Every inch of her body was sore but in a good way and she wanted more!

So here's a new type of MacGyver workout that includes ballet, functional training, athletic training and wrestling moves too. If you like new and different then you will love this workout.

MacGyver Fat Loss Toning Workout Instructions:
15-20 reps of each exercise or 30-45 seconds of each exercise moving from one to the next without rest. Take a minute rest after one circuit then repeat 2 more times.

booty barre segment:
warrior 2 lunge
leg balance db fly
bent over to standing reverse fly
palms up dumbbell raises
releve leg raises
plie leg raises
back lunge with kick
curtsey lunge with kick
dynamic glute kickback series

wall pushup with pelvic twists

lateral bounding
alternating sit thru plank (you will LOVE this exercise)

If you want to blast fat, tighten and tone your butt, legs, and upper body, plus flatten your abs then this workout will get you results in under two weeks no kidding! I've been doing tons of ballet, pilates, and functional core lately and it's amazing!

If you've been hanging around here for a while you can definitely handle all these exercises but if you are new or injured and need to modify especially the last two exercises, please be sure to adjust to your ability and fitness level.

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