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The Best Lower Abdominal Exercises Ever

There are three types of lower abdominal exercises that really work the lower abs effectively. Yoga exercises, functional exercises, and pilates exercises. If you are fit and lean but still struggle with flabby lower abs then the 3 type of ab workouts below will get you the best results.

If you are still working on losing weight or burning fat then you can still use the workouts below to get really toned abs but you will not be able to see the results until you reduce body fat so be sure to focus on fullbody ab exercises like the ones in option two.

The Best Lower Abdominal Exercises: Yoga Workouts

Like you I've tried virtually every type of ab workout out there including crunches, roman chair leg raises, stability ball crunches, stability ball pikes, planks, and so on. All these exercises work but they don't even come close to ab exercises found in yoga fitness classes or core yoga dvd's.

Yoga style ab workouts really teach you to connect with you entire core and to use it to stabilize and support your entire body. The result is a deep ab workout that you can feel while doing it and for days after.

The exercises are super fun and have names most people have never heard. My favorite moves are the figure 8 bridge and single leg roll up. Check out the video to watch then get started with Shiva Rea: Creative Core & Lower Body

The Best Lower Abdominal Exercises: Functional Exercises

If you're looking to burn tons of fat, build a lean body, a strong core, and have toned lower abs then nothing works better than fullbody functional exercises with sandbags, kettlebells, resistance bands, and dumbbells.

Just 15-20 minutes of this type of training is all your body needs to get amazing results fast. Watch Yoana's video to see my personal favorites the overhead kettlebell lunge and the kettlebell turkish getup. Your abs will work hard and you will feel it for days like you've never felt any other ab workout before. Get started with The Kettlebell Goddess Workout

The Best Lower Abdominal Exercises: Pilates Moves

I used to think pilates was for sissies until my supervisor at a gym where I trained invited me to her pilates mat class. I couldn't do half the stuff in class and I had actually practiced with pilates dvd's before. I barely made it through her workout and then I was sore deep in the lower abs for days.

The reason her class was so good is it focused on the kneeling sidekick series. You side plank with one knee down and perform big leg movements while using the abs and back to stabilize the upper body. It's super effective and great for people who struggle with back pain during other types of ab workouts. Watch the video to see how then get started with STOTT PILATES: The Secret To Flat Abs