Top 10 Diets to Lose Belly Fat Fast plus 5 Diets to Avoid

The top 10 diets to lose belly fat fast provide solutions to all the important factors that result in quick fatloss because eating for fatloss is not the same as eating for weightloss.

Eating for fatloss means: 1. Eating to build and maintain the lean muscle that burns off fat, 2. Using food to training your body to utilize fat as fuel vs. storing food as fat, 3. Eating to keep your energy levels high and your metabolism on fire so your body burn more calories every minute of every day. Get the top 5 picks for beginners, top 5 picks for advanced, and 5 diets you should totally skip if you want to get sexy abs.

Top 10 Diets: 5 Great Lose Belly Fat Fast Choices for Beginners

If you're a beginner who just started fatloss workouts and you're looking for an easy way to lose belly fat then look no further than the picks on this top 10 diets list. These diets teach you exactly how and what to eat without restrictions so you can burn maximum fat and calories in less time.

The Abs Diet: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life: Focuses on eating 5-6 meals a day, using smoothies to control calories and boost metabolism, provides lists of what to eat from 12 power food lists. All my boot camp clients get this book as part of their program when they first start out.

Eating For Life: Teaches you how to plan meals so you're eating 5-6 times a day without much hassle, shows you to to make the best choices from simple lists of foods, and how to incorporate cheating into your diet to avoid failure. This is the diet that helped me drop from a size 12 to a size 8 post-pregnancy and before I became certified and truly understood fatloss.

The Eat-Clean Diet, Expanded Edition: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Forever!: Shows you how to clean up your diet in stages and how to maintain an adequate calorie intake so your body gets into fatloss mode and stays there as you continue to make improvements on your diet. I've read this book and the eating plan outlined is awesome for junk food junkies and perpetual dieters. Plus author Tosca Reno proves that it works because it helped her shed 60 pounds at age 40.

Lose the Belly Fat: Shows you how hormones have a huge impact on how much fat you store in the belly area and teaches you practical every day strategies so you choose the foods that help you lose belly fat vs. store it.

Ten Years Thinner: Six Weeks to a Leaner, Younger-Looking You: Teaches you how to use food to alter your body chemistry so you can start burning fat instantly, see results right away, and get motivated to workout harder but not longer. Dr. Christine Lydon has been writing for major fitness magazines for years and her diet plans are based on cutting edge research so they are nutritionally sound and effective because they take your body chemistry into account.

Top 10 Diets: 5 Awesome Lose Belly Fat Fast Choices for Advanced

The top 10 diet choices below are great options for people who are already in the habit of eating 5-6 meals a day, eating clean, and who are looking for that extra edge that burns even more fat and gets you ultra lean sexy abs.

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet: How Estrogenic Foods and Chemicals Are Making You Fat and Sick: Learn to use foods to detox and to restore hormonal imbalances that cause fat gain. You'll also learn to eat according to what your body needs and to avoid foods that are harmful to your health and your metabolism. If your stressed, busy, and have stubborn fat deposits that don't respond to exercise or clean eating then this is your only solution. It's my favorite way to stay lean and my top 10 diets choice for women over 35 and men over 50 who want to balance hormones and get ultra lean.

Burn The Fat: Is hands down the best fatloss ebook ever written. Tom Venuto is often featured on our site and for good reason. He understands what it takes to burn belly fat and get body fat way down and he doesn't hold back, giving you over 100 pages of useful strategies that work to lose belly fat and get sexy abs. My top 10 diets choice for people tired of working out and not getting results!

Carb Rotation Diet: Shows you how to be a smart food consumer, shows you how to manipulate carb and fat intake so your body starts using stored fat as fuel, and teaches you meal planning tactics that keep you on track. This is the diet strategy I used when I became a trainer to drop from 22% bodyfat to 17% bodyfat in less than two weeks. My top 10 diets choice to go from fit to sexy fast!

The Carb Cycling Diet: Learn to cycle back and forth between low carb and normal carb days to burn major fat plus break your dependency from supplements and sugar substitutes. A great book for people who want to eat clean, sensibly, and achieve athlete fitness levels.

Crack the Fat-Loss Code: Outsmart Your Metabolism and Conquer the Diet Plateau: Teaches you how to train your body access fat for fuel and shows you how to cycle between low carbs, moderate carbs, and high carbs to achieve fast and lasting fatloss. One of the best fatloss books published in a very long time and great for people tired of low carb diets!

Eat Fat to Lose Belly Fat Diet Tip

Jayson Hunter creator of the Carb Rotation Diet explains why eating fat is important for fatloss.

Top 10 Diets: 5 Worst Diets to Lose Belly Fat

I've trained hundreds of clients and have seen more people fail to lose belly fat on the plans listed below than on any other plans out there. I've also experienced some of these diets first hand so I know how frustrating and deprived some of these plans make you feel and exactly why they don't work for me, my clients, and why they won't work for you. Here's my top 5 diets to skip.
  • Atkins: Unhealthy, dangerous and a great way to pack on major pounds right in the belly area after you go back to your normal eating habits.
  • South Beach: Seemingly healthy but never truly teaches you how to add foods back and still keep the weight off.
  • Isagenix: The most expensive way to starve yourself ever and worst of all an MLM!
  • The Zone: There is no science to prove this diet works but worst of all this plan requires calculators, spreadsheets, and too much mental strain.
  • Caveman Type Diets: Adding veggies and fruits and lean proteins always a good idea but you can't sustain the zero carb lifestyle forever and that's why it will fail you again and gain.

You may have seen these on other top diet lists but the reason they don't make the FWG top 10 diets list is that they don't work for fatloss and they don't work to help you lose belly fat which is what a majoity of you who come to this site want.

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