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Lose More Fat Without Dieting or Overtraining

by Monica

I think you guys know that I can't stand diets. I was on many back when I was a 150 lb fatty with 32% bodyfat. You've seen my before pics right? Gross! But just to be fair that was a very short time period in my life.

18 months struggling to lose fat compared to about 38 years of being at a normal weight and healthy bodyfat levels. I've always been the poster child for average everything; average looks, average body, average fitness and pretty much average life and for the longest time I thought this was just so average (translation: boring, ordinary, and not inspiring to others).

Well as it turns people who visit here love that. They really love that I make getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle look doable to the average person. I guess being average is not so bad after all if it inspires hundreds of people to start working out consistently and eating a healthier diet.

But back to the fatloss without dieting or overtraining issue. Like I said before I can't stand traditional diets so in the past I've used non-traditional plans like The Warrior Diet, Carb Cycling, and The Anti-Estrogenic Diet to lose bodyfat.

This time around I'm trying the Intermittent Fasting Plan Eat Stop Eat. I started last week and did great. I had tried ESE one other time about a year ago and failed, mainly because I had the wrong mindset about not eating.

My goal now is to see what effect IF has on my bodyfat if I don't workout harder or longer or change my eating at all. According to most experts including Brad Pilon author of Eat Stop Eat, doable calorie reduction is the key to losing fat consistently. Doable and consistently being the key words and for many people most diets are neither of these.

Watch his video to learn more about why Intermittent Fasting is a great option for people who are already at a decent weight and bodyfat, exercising consistently and with intensity plus eating as clean as possible consistently. I think Brad's video will totally surprise you.

BTW, my stats right now are 118 lb and 21% bodyfat. Been this way forever it seems and about as average as you can get considering the number of people who are obese or overweight (62% in America according to the CDC) and those who are too thin (about 9% of the population according to Care Health System at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center in Wilmington, Del). Hmmm, maybe I'm not that average after all.

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