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Lose Flab Without Surgery

by Journey
(yonkers, ny, us)


I am getting married in about 10 months and I have hit a plateau on my weight loss. I have gone from 320lbs to 263lbs and now I am noticing a lot of flabby arms, legs, and tummy and it totally defeats the purpose. I walk 30 mins a day incline paths but my don't know what else to do. Any help will be great.

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Lose Flab Without Surgery

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best way to lose flab without surgery
by: Monica

Hi Journey

Wow you've lost a lot of weight. Great job. You should feel really good about that.

I do understand how frustrating it is to be getting flabby now that more of the weight is starting to come off but don't get discouraged.

You didn't mention whether you were strength training. If you're not doing it then get started with strength workouts 4 times a week and also you really need to eat clean.

Get started with Healthy Diet Tips from our diet expert Jayson Hunter.

Then go grab my free Wedding Workout Plan. It's a quick workouts plan you can do for 2-3 weeks. After that you will have to transition into a more challenging workout plan.

I recommend Valerie Water's Red Carpet Ready. It gets results and is so fun.

I tested this plan for 6 weeks and have been recommending it to every woman who needs to shape up for a wedding, reunion, or special event. It will reshape your body and teach you how to eat to get that tight toned look.

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