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Lose Body Fat Around Mid-Section

by Paul Waggoner

I started at 257lbs and 35.6% body fat in May. Now I'm down to 200lbs and 19.3% body fat.I need to know what can i do to get rid of the fat around my midsection? I would like to have a nice firm six pack. I'm no stranger to hard work, but I know my core is weaker then it should be.

Please help.

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Lose Body Fat Around Mid-Section

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advanced fatloss strategies
by: Monica

Hey Paul,

Congrats on your loss. That is an amazing accomplishment in just 3 months! I really would need to know more about what you've been doing so far to get those results.

Usually people who have experienced that type of fatloss end up needing a pretty radical shift to lose the last few pounds of fat, especially around the belly.

My client Mark was just like you. Dropped 30 lb. and went from 36% fat to 25% fat in 3.5 months then dropped another 40 lb. and we took his bodyfat from 25% to 12% but it took us another 3.5 months.

We had to bust out all the tricks for this to happen especially because he was 57 at the time, royally stressed, and pre-diabetic too. I just saw a pic of this client recently on facebook and he still looks fantastic even though we haven't trained since fall of 07.

Here's some practical six pack abs tips and truth about abs tips to get you started.

Let me know what program you've been on so far and I can offer more workout tips, and help. The more details the better. This is where it gets really hard to for most people and why most people end up here on my site. Look forward to hearing back from you and helping you take it to the next level.

on my way
by: Paul

Hello Monica,

You ask what program I was on to get the results that I got so far. Well truth is I've done it by reading advice and tips from everyone out there.

The real change was apparent when I changed the way I was eating. I didn't think it would make that big a difference, but it does. I look and feel so much better.

I'm 40 yrs old and people are saying that I look like I'm in my late 20s. That, I really like. I would like to say thank you to you for doing what you do to help people like me.

workout plan tips
by: Monica

That's awesome Paul. You really should feel proud of yourself for taking control of your health and taking advantage of all the great info that's online. The only steps you really need to take now are fairly easy:

1. Start following a more structured workout program that changes every 4-6 weeks. Having a plan is going to make all the difference.

2. Keep a fitness journal and track your workouts. This will give you tons of feedback so you know what's working, what isn't, when to go harder, when to back off, when to make changes. The 3 most important things I track in my journal are rate of perceived technique (RPT) also RPE and RPD.

3. Experiment with your diet (but only a little). Try calorie or carb cycling, or experiment with carb/protein/fat ratios so they vary based on your training. This is simple diet tweaking that can make a big difference with fatloss.

4. Have patience. Losing body fat can be frustrating. The closer you are to your ideal weight and bodyfat the harder it gets. Not fair but much easier to handle if you just focus on smaller losses. 1 lb per week of fatloss is great for most who are already close to their goal.

5. Finally, never stop learning and progressing to more challenging workouts and sophisticated movement patterns. Explore as much range of movement as your body can handle. The less you limit yourself the faster you'll get results. Watch my workout below for ideas.

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