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Leg Toning Workout Tips for Sexy Legs, A Firm Butt, & A Toned Body

Need leg toning workout tips to build a firm round butt, sculpt lean sexy legs, and a toned body?

Want to get rid of saddle bags, firm up your butt, decrease the size of your thighs?

Valerie Waters creator of the valslide and trainer to some of the fittest celebrities has 3 killer tips that will help you reshape your lower body.

Leg Toning Workout Tips from Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters

One of my favorite things about Valerie Waters workouts is they require little to no equipment and you can do them at home or at the gym.

In the video here Val shares some of her killer moves that you can do with a $9 band and her $36 valslide. You can buy both at my affordable fitness gear shop.

In addition to adding band and valslide moves to your workouts Val suggests the following if you want that lean toned Jennifer Garner look:

1. Always include a fat blasting cardio move in your circuit. This will keep you from building bulky legs. Great ones to try are Val's karate kick lunges.

Perform a reverse lunge then as you come back to standing kick the leg forward. Try 15 on each leg.

2. Fix your diet! If you neglect your diet then all those valslide lunges, karate kicks, and pushups will just be a waste of your time. Val's favorite snack 1/2 a banana with 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Yummy, filling, and helps keep your metabolism high between meals.

3. Don't neglect your upper body. Correcting posture with movement prep and sculpting a nice back, shoulders, and chest will help balance out your lower body flaws plus it builds a functional body that can stand up to her hardcore valslide moves.

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