Leg Toning Exercises Workout

The leg toning exercises workout was designed to sculpt sexy legs and tone your butt as well as improve strength and tone of the upper body and core. Keep in mind that the best fatloss and body toning exercises are ones that challenge multiple muscle groups at a time.

There isn't one exercise in this workout that isolates any muscle group so if you're new to this type of training be prepared for a challenge. You will need a small medicine ball, moderate weight dumbbells, and a stability ball. I prefer the little sand filled medicine ball you see in the video because it's more challenging than a regular weight.

Leg Toning Exercises Workout Tips

Some of the things you might find challenging about this workout include maintaining your balance while attempting to combine exercises as well as muscular endurance when performing exercises in unstable positions (i.e. pushups on the ball or side raises in a lunge stance).

It's normal to struggle with some of these exercises at first but don't get discouraged or frustrated. If you just focus on keeping your abs engaged and you slow things down a bit you'll eventually be cranking out single leg deadlifts with curls followed by a curtsey lunge like you've been doing them your whole life. Be patient with yourself. Remember that the point of leg toning exercises that challenge your body to burn fat and get toned is progress not perfection. Having a positive mind set about your current skill level will help you stick with it and get a better body faster.

Something new that you will notice on this workout is Tempo recommendations. All this means is the number of seconds it takes you at each portion of the exercise. For example a 2-2-1 tempo means that you spend 2 second getting to the bottom of the lunge, 2 seconds at the bottom of the lunge and 1 second to raise back up. This provides a new level of stimulation that your body is probably not used and it will help you get results much faster. It also helps you focus on what you're doing. If this is too confusing for you at this point then just skip it for now and come back to it when you feel ready.

Finally because these exercises are all synergy moves (exercises that work many muscle groups at once or 3 moves combined into one) they do not even exist on the website where I usually go to create all my animated workouts (unbelievable, I know) so just watch the video to see how then follow the workout instructions below to get started.

Leg Toning Exercises Workout

Perform this workout twice a week on days 1 and 4 of your workout week (i.e. Sunday and Wednesday or Monday & Thursday, or Tuesday & Saturday). Stick with this workout for at 3-4 weeks but not longer than that.

Superset 1

Walking medicine ball lunges 2-2-1 tempo

Hands on stability ball pushups

5 sets of 6-8 reps of both exercises back to back with 60 seconds of rest between supersets.

Superset 2

Single leg deadlift with db curl to curstey lunge 2-2-1 tempo

Dumbbell side raises in long lunge stance

4 sets of 6-8 of the first exercise and 25 of the second exercise back to back with no rest between supersets.

Set 3

Stability ball wall sit with block squeezes (rest in a standing position)

5 minutes of continous 30 seconds work 30 seconds rest intervals

**If your legs are too shaky from the rest of the workout then just hold the sit but don't worry about continously squeezing the block.