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Lean Abs Workout Boosts Ab Fatloss & Flattens Your Abs

The lean abs workout burns fat with ab exercises that challenge every inch of your abs and also work your low back, glutes, and upper body. You'll tighten and tone while burning fat and calories which is necessary to see all that hard ab work!

Perform 2 sets of each ab exercise for the number of reps or time indicated with a 10 second rest between sets and a 20 second rest between exercises. Finish up with the stretches to prevent tightness and create length.

You can do this workout 2 times a week but if your goal is to get lean abs then be sure that you are doing fat burning cardio at least 3-4 times a week. After 3-4 weeks on the lean abs workout change to a different ab workout or switch around the ab exercises for continued results.

1 leg knee drive with stability ball
1. Start by placing your hands on top of a stability ball and hold yourself in a pushup position.
2. Maintaining good balance raise your left leg up towards your chest and then return your foot to the floor.
3. Repeat with the other leg.
4. Keep your abs drawn in tight and control the leg movement.

Lean Abs Workout Tip:
Sets RepsWeight/
110 each side
210 each side
Side Plank
1. Lay on the ground on one side. Raise your body using one forearm and support it in this raised position for the required time.
2. Lower your body and repeat on the other side.
3. Remember to keep your head, neck and body in a straight line.

Lean Abs Workout Tip:
Sets RepsWeight/
1 10-20 seconds
2 10-20 seconds
Full Pike
Rollout on the ball until your shins are on the ball and you are forming a bridge.
Keeping this position roll your legs in towards your chest keeping your legs semi straight.
Your hips should be elevated towards the ceiling.
Return to the starting position and repeat.

Lean Abs Workout Tip:
Kneeling Med Ball Chest Pass
1. Start by kneeling on the ground and holding a medicine ball at chest level.
2. Start close enough to the wall so that you can catch the ball at chest level.
3. Proceed to press the ball to the wall and catch it on the rebound at chest level.
4. Rapidly repeat this for the desired repetitions.

Lean Abs Workout Tip:
Sets RepsWeight/
1 30 seconds
2 30 seconds
Oblique Crunch with med ball
1) Sit in upright position on flexaball with feet flat on floor.
2) Walk feet forward allowing flexaball to roll underneath body until it is positioned on lower to mid-back region. Raise hips slightly to create a “table top” position parallel to floor.
3) Place hands in over your head holding a medicine ball. Head should be in a neutral position with a space between chin and chest.
4) Leading with the chin and chest towards the ceiling, contract the abdominal and raise right shoulder up and twist towards left knee and bring the ball towards that knee.
5) Return to start position and repeat with the other side.

Lean Abs Workout Tip:
Sets RepsWeight/
110 each side
210 each side
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