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Lean Sexy Legs

by Anna
(New York)

I'm 5 feet tall and have short wide legs, toned and muscular. My weight=120 lbs hips=37.5" thighs= 21.5" waist=26.5". I found my body fat percentage using an online calculator and it said it was 25.53%. My biggest complaint about my legs at this point is my calves, which measure about 15 inches.

I'd like to find a workout that targets my thighs and calves and works to make them leaner. I'm a former gymnast and enjoy played soccer and softball. I prefer active workouts more so than things like yoga but I'm willing to try different things. If there's anything that can really work I'd LOVE it.

Thanks for your help!

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Lean Sexy Legs

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Lean Legs Workout Tips
by: Monica

Hi Anna

I think you look great. You have a tiny waist and 21" legs are normal for your height. I can see that your calves are definitely overpowering your lower body and that even though your body fat is in the healthy range, lowering it to about 21% is going to help you achieve a leaner look all over. You can do this with the workouts tips below and maybe by tweaking your diet a bit.

Female athletes and dancers have the ability to pack on lower body muscle like crazy so the more you work an area the larger it can get.

The good news is there are tons of ways to decrease the size of an overdeveloped body part. The most effective way is to train an area a lot less or not at all (for a short while).

This is called de-conditioning and it means no running, no sports that use those muscles, no leg machines, and no dumbbells. It's hard to shift gears sometimes to different types of workouts but it's the key to a more proportioned build and less bulky body parts.

Instead of weighted exercises and machine workouts that build more muscle switch to body weight exercises that strengthen, lengthen, and burn more fat.

Focus on exercises that you can do with fitness gear that turns up the fatloss and that simultaneously targets your core as well as all your lower body stabilizers. Fitness gear like the valslides, mini-bands, dyna discs, stability ball, and the trx will force your body to start burning more fat and keep your lower body strong and toned while you lose some of the extra muscle. It will also help build up some of the upper body to create more balance between the upper and lower body.

Try to work your legs no more than once a week for a month and the rest of the week focus on upper body, core, and tons of Flow Yoga which is awesome for burning fat and de-bulking the lower body. Being an ex gymnast you will like this style of yoga. Constant movement and very challenging.

You can post your current workout schedule and I can make more suggestions if you like. I'm also going to try to film a leg circuit workout for you this week. Thanks so much for your question. Look forward to hearing from you.

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