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Killer Fat Blasting Dumbbell Exercises Workout

by Monica

I love bodyweight workouts but I really miss training with dumbbells so I combined my Tacfit workout with Coach Sonnon's awesome dumbbell matrix flow workout that came with my Tacfit plan.

Below is another cool dumbbell matrix style workout that is great for total body conditioning and fatloss! All you need are dumbbells and a timer to time your rest periods.

This is a great full body workout that boosts strength, endurance, and fatloss. It also works your entire core.

Combine this with 10 minutes of walk/sprint cardio intervals and you've got a killer 20 minute full body fatloss workout.

BTW, you know you've got a killer body when other people spin around to check you out. Watch the guys on the bikes at the end of the video to see what I mean. Too funny!

8 bent over db rows
farmers carry
8 hang cleans
racked carry
8 front squats
overhead carry
8 oh db presses
farmers carry
rest 90 seconds then repeat 4 more times

Awesome workout!

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Killer Fat Blasting Dumbbell Exercises Workout

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Name Dumbell Exercises Workout
by: Cathy Deevey

I love this workout, and will actually use this today as part of my bootcamp!

I think you should call this the Crazy-8 Dumbells.


not for whimps crazy 8 db carry fat blaster workout
by: Monica

Crazy 8's sounds great. I think Not 4 Whimps Crazy 8's Dumbbell Carry Fat Blaster Workout sounds pretty cool too but that name is already taken (ha ha).

You should post a comment on his youtube channel or call him up! He's near you in Toronto.

by: Anonymous

this workout is awesome good to to kick start to break a training platue thanks this is a very effective fat blaster regimen

more killer workouts for you
by: Monica

Glad you like this. Full credit goes out to Funk who posted some of his workouts stuff here on the site a while back. He has some great videos. If you like this style of training check out his Spartacus Bootcamp Workout video (very fun) or the Sandbell Fatloss Workout or the dumbell exercises workout (bottom of page). You will love all those. Thanks for posting.

killer calves workout tip
by: Carl James

Great workout and your fitness levels are extremely high.

A point might be that during the walk phases you could

target Calf muscle (Gastrocnemius mainly) effectively just by

walking on tip toes. Just an observation is I always advise

picking up or putting things down with neutral spine

alignment. Spine straight (not rounded) which you

demonstrate, but your head is forward, try to keep it in

line with the cervical spine (at the top). Killer workout

though and a good variation for that I'll be incorporating

in my own workout. Thanks

great tip
by: Monica

Hey Carl,

Thanks for sharing this great tip. Walking on tip toes is great for building calf strength and size as well as improving balance. Walking on heels is also pretty awesome especially for those who like to hike, or run, or those who want to improve their jumping ability (athletes, dancers, acrobats).

Tip toe and heel walking is also great for anybody who is prone to ankle sprains and those who have back of the knee pain too. It's something so easy that can also be incorporated between circuits as a recovery exercise.

by: Anonymous

New to this. How do I know
8 bent over db rows farmers carry
8 hang cleans racked carry
8 front squats overhead carry
8 oh db presses farmers carry
What are these exercises??

workout video tips
by: Monica

All you have to do is watch the video at the top of the page to see all the exercises. If you have problems with video you can also just go directly to the youtube version of the video by clicking the youtube button and watch it there : ) This is a simple but intense workout so take it slow and aim for 1-2 sets if you're a beginner.

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