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Keeping track of workouts

by Maria
(Chehalis, WA, USA)

Hi Monica,

I was wondering if there was a way to get a print out so I can keep track of Sets, Reps, etc. of each of the 7 workouts.

This is the first time I have been super motivated and feel like I am really doing some exercises! I feel the workout all day. Amazing.

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Keeping track of workouts

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how to track and what to track
by: Monica

Hi Maria

Great question! Right now I have no way of doing print outs directly from the site but I am working on something like that. The best thing to do is keep a journal. Use any old notebook to track your workouts.

Track everything from increases in weight, to color of bands you use, even reps you can do in the amount of time suggested for each exercise.

Some bootcampers can only do 5 pushups or 10 dolphins in 30 seconds when they start then after 3-4 weeks they can do 15 to 20 pushups or dolphins. Journaling is a great way to see if you're making progress and it boosts motivation.

Other things you can track are heart rate, how fast it takes you to recover from cardio intervals, types of cardio you've done, flexibility gains, anything you want to improve.

by: Maria

That makes great sense! I have just the notebook to keep track of my beginning and progress.
Thank you, too, for some ideas for my journal keeping!

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