Interval Training Workout Advice

by Charlie
(Lowell, MA)

Please explain to me how to read the interval training chart. For instance, I tried the elliptical interval training and I assume that you start with a 7 minute warm-up... 2 minutes at a fast pace.... 2 minutes at an easy pace... 2 minutes at a fast pace... 2 minutes at an easier pace... 3 minute cooldown... 18 Minutes total.
Is my assumption correct?

Thank You, Charlie Gudewich

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Interval Training Workout Advice

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Fatloss Cardio Intervals & Tips
by: Monica

Hey Charlie

I see why you are confused. I stopped using those charts a while back but this is one of the first workouts I put up on the site over 2 years ago (needs updating).

Here's how to do the intervals from the Fatloss Cardio Workout.

Interval Cardio Workouts Minute by Minute:

min. 0-7 warm-up easy working up to moderate

min. 7-8 high intensity interval hard and fast

min. 9-10 recovery moderate pace

min. 10-11 high intensity interval hard and fast

min. 11-12 recovery moderate pace

min. 12-13 high intensity interval hard and fast

min. 13-14 recovery moderate pace

min. 14-15 high intensity interval hard and fast

min. 15-16 recovery moderate pace

min. 16-19 cool down moderate to easy pace

Some interval workout tips:

1. Be sure that hard and fast feels like you're running for your life. Imagine you're trying to get away from that guy in SAW.

2. When you recover make sure you take it way down so you can go hard again. Watch the Turbulence Training video on interval cardio mistakes to learn more about why this is so important. It's at the very bottom of the heart rate training page.

3. Your body will adapt to this type of cardio (just like it does with any type of workout) so after a few weeks try these intervals on other machines or find a new interval workout or try some bodyweight cardio just to shock your body so it continues burning fat and calories.

Let me know how it goes.

Follow-Up to Interval Training
by: charlie

Great Advice, But how would I be able to adapt this to another type of Cardio machine like a stationary bike.

Would I just increase the intensity by increasing the level even though it will not get to the full type of sprint as on a treadmill?

Is the secret the intensity of the workout during the hard interval periods or the speed in which you have to the interval?

Cardio Intensity Tips
by: Monica

Yes, intensity is a product of many things the two most obvious things being speed and resistance (there are other ways to increase it but best to leave that for another post).

To increase intensity no matter what cardio machine or type of cardio you are doing you can increase speed or resistance or both.

On the bike or elliptical you can go as fast as you want at any resistance. It takes work and endurance to go fast at a level 8 or 10 but it can be done. Just think of Lance Armstrong when he's passing people on hills.

On the treadmill increasing speed increases resistance but increasing incline is also a great way to add intensity without having to go faster.

The great thing about this is you've got tons of options which can keep things from getting boring. Experiment and have fun with it.

RE: Followup to HIIT
by: Charlie

How often do you suggest to perform High Intensity Interval Training and what do you suggest for the off days?

How Often To Do Cardio Intervals
by: Monica

Hey Charlie

Cardio Intervals are awesome for fatloss as well as weightloss. If either of those is your primary goal then 3-4 times a week works best for a majority of people. On off days aim for 25-30 minutes of intense strength training. Try the fullbody dumbbell workout or similar workouts.

If you're already close to your ideal weight or body fat then 2-3 interval cardio workouts a week is best (some can get by on less). Focusing more on strength training will actually get you leaner and more defined. On off days focus on strength training that includes intense cardio intervals. Try something like the fatloss supersets workout.

Also remember than any workout pretty much loses it's effectiveness after 3-4 weeks (2 weeks if you've been training a long time like me). Be sure to progress to new workouts or mix things up to avoid plateaus.

Let me know how this works for you and please feel free to post pics once you start seeing results. Would love to see some before and afters.

Comments on this workout
by: rj

My schedule has really cut my workout times down I've opted to introduce interval training into my weightlifting routine,
Looks something like this,

Warm up (5-15 minutes) leave cardio machine with a minimum HR of 140
lift set 15 reps (I separate uppers and lower body by alternating days)
(cardio 1 minute again aiming for 140 HR or higher)
lift set 12 reps
cardio (same as above)
lift set 10 reps
cardio same as above
lift set 8 reps

I try to focus on basics like bench press, pull ups, or other multiple muscle engaging lifts.

What do we think?

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