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Insanity Workout Secret & Killer Workout Tip

by Monica

Crazy behind the scenes footage of Shaun T's Insanity Workouts plus 1 insane workout tip to help you get results from your crazy workouts.

Ever wonder how those killer workout videos are filmed? Watch below to see why the Insanity Workout production was nothing like other workout dvd productions and why insanity workouts are only for the truly committed.

You'll also learn one killer workout tip from coach David that will help you "dig deeper". It's a mental trick that I've been sharing with my readers and clients for years and it works every time simply because you're allowing yourself an out.

Try it next time you don't feel like working out hard. You might just have the best workout ever.

What's the most insane workout you've ever done? What workout tip helped you get through it?

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Crazy About Insanity Workout

by Hanna Stocksick

Monica told me about Insanity Workout and said it was "intense". I took a look at their website and really liked it. So I immediately bought the DVDs and waited eagerly for them to be delivered at my door.

I started following the program the very next day... Insanity IS the right name! I feel like I'm on a bootcamp! It's beyond hard! Not everyone can do it, that's for sure. I'm not in a good shape yet, but I'm sticking to it. Going up and down the stairs at home, even sitting on the toilet is painful. But it's good pain!

I was tired of all these easy, boring workouts! Got tired of my gym, don't have the motivation to use my gym at home. I used to say I wanted Arnold Schwarznegger's workout and no gym, no personal trainer delivered that! If it was easy, it wouldn't motivate me. I guess I am crazy: I need a challenge and I need to believe in my workout. Now I have Shaun T. to scream at me, push me to the limit! And it feels just like I'm there with them!

Insanity is AWESOME! Like my husband said when I told him about it: "Insanity?... That's probably the right thing for ya!"... I wonder how come... :)

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