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Insane Workouts and Exercises Tip

by Monica

I've seen a lot of insane workouts and insane exercises online but you don't have to be this insane with pushups or with dip and pullup bars to lose fat and improve your fitness levels for the activities you love.

The most important thing to remember is to find the right types of exercises for your goals and your fitness level. Check out my article on Extreme Fitness & Hardcore Workouts for some important safety tips.

Remember that not everybody needs to do the type of insane workouts that my youtube friend icewaterfilm sent me the other day (first video below) and even if these insane exercises are right for you it takes years to progress to this level.

I haven't asked him yet but from his description in the video it looks like it's taken him nearly a year to get to his current level and it took him a year and a half to get to the level he was at in his first video. He rocks btw, so be sure to post comments for him if you love his insane workouts as much as I do.

If you want to progress to super advanced and insane exercises just for fun be sure to build up to more advanced movement patterns gradually. Always work at your level and build from there. Always focus on good technique and modify until you are ready to go to the next level.

But most importantly find a workout plan that fits your goals. Doing insane exercises or flying pushups like the guy in the video below looks fun but ask yourself if working up to this will help you with the activities you actually do? Your answer is what should determine what types of exercises and workouts you choose for your body.

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