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I'm Too Sexy Workouts for Women

by Monica

The I'm Too Sexy video is so much sexier than the original and so is the remix and it got me thinking about how toned and fit any woman would have to look to have the confidence to get body painted the way the girls in the video did which inspired the get sexy workouts series. The 2 videos won't be up until next week but here's a sneak peak at some of the sexy body toning exercises workouts.

Get Sexy Workouts(videos coming soon)

Body Toning Exercises for Women
Chaturanga repeats
Downdog forearm press
Thera band pilates lunge
Beaded jump rope high knees
Mega ball deck squat

Best Butt Workout
Side Plank Abduction
Suspension trainer lunge to scorpion
Deep lunge to sumo squat side kick
Warrior 3 with crossover kick

Thera Band Suspension Trainer Dance Workouts for Hot Abs
This type of ab workout is so insanely different than any ab workout you've ever seen on this site or any site and is probably one of the best ways to flatten your abs. I have not been doing enough of this type of ab work lately which is exactly why my abs are so out of shape but that's going to change in the next 3 weeks starting with this workout. It's similar to the one in the video below except mine is a lot more integration vs. isolation.

Do you have any workout requests? Post them below and I'll see if I can work them into the sexy workouts.

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