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Hybrid Exercises for Fatloss & Endurance

by Monica

Yesterday's workout included a hybrid exercise called the jump squat to reaching wheel plus 3 other intense hybrid exercises that were very fun and also very intense.

"Above and beyond volume, frequency, and intensity, complexity is an oft ignored but extremely powerful tool in our physical conditioning arsenal" explain coaches Steer and Murdock creators of the workout plan I'm on right now.

Just 17 days ago when I started this plan I could hardly get through 4 rounds of 45 seconds each of inv. presses, single leg squats with free leg in front, and reaching arch (with 60 seconds recovery between exercises).

But yesterday I was doing 4 hybrid exercises that I never imagined I would be able to progress to in such a short period of time and with no rest period between exercises.

quad squat to hand press
1 leg squat to quarter leg swoop
spinal rock to crow
jump squat to reaching wheel

This illustrates just how important it is to exploit every variable in your workout if you want to get results faster.

Watch coach Steer below for some quick tips on how to manipulate volume, intensity, complexity, and recovery for faster fatloss and endurance.

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