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How To Start A Workout Plan

by Justina
(everett wa, usa)

The questions from your fitness advice page kind of summed up what I was wondering myself.

"How to burn belly fat faster

How long and how hard to exercise

When is the best time to exercise

What type of exercises burn the most fat" etc.

I am a fairly petite female but I've had two children and would love to work on improving my whole body but the major spots would be my hips and ab areas.

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How To Start A Workout Plan

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Fitness Goals & Workout Plan Tips
by: Monica

Hi Justina

Thanks for posting your question. I think getting started can be confusing especially when you land on a site like mine that offers so many options.

The most important thing to do at this point is to figure out and write down your fitness goal. We know you're petite and your trouble areas are your hips and abs but what exactly do you want to accomplish?

Do you want to wear a smaller size, would you like to lose inches around your trouble zones and if so how much. Do you have an idea of your bodyfat or what you might like it to be. Is there something you want to be able to do with your body like a pushup, a certain yoga pose, or maybe just run around with your kids at the park without getting out of breathe.

Write it all down then once you have one or two major goals that you want to work towards head over to the Workout Plans area and see if you can find a plan that will help you accomplish this.

Hint: I think you would do well with the bootcamp fitness challenge or the quick fatloss plan (quick is good when you're a busy mom).

Feel free to post your goals here and let me know what plan you choose or if you need more help deciding.

You can also sign up for the Free Workouts Newsletter and get started with my brand new fatloss and toning plan that goes out to subscribers next week.

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