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how to reduce belly fat

by Sakthi
(Chennai / India)


I am from India, Male 46 years Age.

My height is 166 CM wt is 82KG. Startered regular walking for the past 1 month. Walking for 60 mins and covering 7 k.ms.

My diet :

Morning : Oats poridge with salt and water instead of Milk and sugar.( 3 tea spoons of Oats & 250 ML water)

Lunch : 2 cups of Vegetables & Fruits

Night : 1 slice of wheat bread with 1 cup of veg.

during the day time I used to drink 3 cups (150 ML) of coffee (75 ML Milk, 75 ML water & 1 spoon sugar)

With this much of efforts I was able to reduce only 1 KG weight in 30 days.

Am I on the right way.. how to reduce the belly fat? want to reducce to 70 KGs.

How to achieve this?

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how to reduce belly fat

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add weights and protein to reduce belly fat
by: Monica

Hi Sakti

Thanks for visiting and posting your question. I have a few suggestions for you that will help you get results much faster.

1. Walking is great for fatloss but building muscle is going to help you burn off the belly fat much faster.

Instead of walking for 60 min. try walking for 30 min. then add 20-30 minutes of bodyweight exercises. Try the Phys Ed Bootcamp Workout 2-3 times a week and the Ab Circuit Workout 3 times a week.

2. Your diet is good but you actually need to eat a litte more food and more often (4-5 times per day instead of 3). Try to eat more vegetables, more protein, and a bit more of whole grains.

Check out my list of fat burning foods for examples of what to eat. I listed two days of meals so make sure you look at both days.

If you are a vegetarian then it's very important that you are getting protein from beans, kefir yogurt, eggs, nuts. Protein will increase your metabolism and cause your body to burn more fat but it will also help you build lean muscle that will also help you burn more fat.

For a man your age weight and height anywhere from 1400-1600 calories a day is good to reduce belly fat.

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