How To Lift & Firm The "Mom Butt"

by A.A.R.

I can't believe I am showing this!

I can't believe I am showing this!

Any suggestions on how to break my plateau? And lift my butt? I am a 28 year old mother and currently in the best shape I have ever been in (I weighed 165 before getting pregnant and 200 a few years before that).

HOWEVER, after having my baby 18 months ago my butt and legs are droopy and I seriously cannot get them to lift to an appropriate location. I work out fairly consistently at the very least 20 minutes of interval cardio 3x's a week, 2+ fullbody strength training circuits per week, usually more and yoga or pilates once a week.

I use Jayson Hunter's dress diet as a guide for my daily routine and am currently doing the exercise program that accompanied it. I am 5'6, have a large frame (my fingers don't touch when wrapped around my wrist) and I hang around 137-139 and cannot maintain anything lower although I'd like to. I think 130 is a reasonable goal.

I drink about once a week and have one big cheat day where I eat things like pizza or ice cream.

That's about it...

P.S. Love, Love, Love this website! I am always telling people at my gym about it.

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How To Lift & Firm The "Mom Butt"

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You Are Awesome & The Killer Butt Plan
by: Monica

Thank you so much for posting your question and please don't feel embarrassed of your pic. You have managed to do something many women don?t even come close to accomplishing. You've achieved a healthy weight, you've maintained that loss for a while now even though you are a busy mom and you eat healthy and exercise consistently.

You're already so far ahead of most people and you should be very proud of this!! Besides, have you seen my fat pic in the about page? I hate that pic but the reason I put that up is so others can see that we can transform our bodies no matter how genetically ungifted some of us are!

Anyway, the great news is that your situation is easily fixed. I have a killer butt plan for you and I will be posting it online so other women experiencing the same can start getting results too. But first can you just post a quick list of all the exercises in that full body circuit that you do 3 times a week. I need to know what you've been doing so far so we can get you started with exercises that will shock your lower body.

I think you are going to be surprised when I tell you how easy it is to lift and firm your butt. Looking forward to your reply!

My current exercises...
by: A.A.R.

Thank you very much, oddly enough I had never looked at the about page on your site. Your before and after pics are very inspiring.

My current exercise plan is as follows...
Mon: Cardio (treadmill intervals)
Tues: 4 sets, 6 each
-Smith Machine Lunges 30lbs
-Single Leg DeadLift 10lbs dbs
-Prone pike on Ball
(+ 2 upperbody exercises)
Wed: Cardio (treadmill intervals)
Thurs: 3 sets, 12 each
-Single leg hip exentsion leg curls on ball(I find these extemely challenging and have a hard time remaining stable and not tensing my neck)
-Split Squat with elevated back leg (I have recently added 8lb dbs to this)
-Ball crunches
(+2 upperbody exercises)
Fri:Cardio (treadmill intervals)
Sat: This is supposed to be strength training but I typically substitute a YogaWorks DVD

I have also this past week I have added one round of your leg/butt workout to two of my cardio days. All of this leaves me sore (I know that isn't bad) and with larger thighs, seriously like a half an inch each thigh, I measure once a week.

Thanks again. I know you said quick list but apparently I am long winded even when typing.
I really do appreciate it.

killer butt exercises that work
by: Monica

O.K. so the workout plan you have is great for weightloss, general fitness, fatloss, as well as strength and endurance.

What it won't do is build a nice round butt and this is the problem that male trainers just don't get. They say they get it but they just don't.

All the exercises you listed are awesome but they primarily target the hamstrings and the quads which is why you actually have a nice set of legs (your thighs are in good shape and trust me when I say I've seen all types of thunder thighs. This is not your issue).

Here's what you need to do to lift the butt. Continue with your MWF cardio but add your two upper body exercises at the end of two of those workouts and on the third day try stair climbing or cycling intervals alternating between a very high resistance where you feel like your legs are one fire and an easy resistance for recovery. Focus on hard as well as fast during work intervals. Add a low back and core exercise at the end of your 3rd cardio session (back extensions as well as planks with leg lifts are good choices).

On Tue. Thur. do this circuit.

10 single leg back extensions on back extension bench (every gym has one of these) or stability ball

20 reps each side of glute kickbacks on butt machine or with a resistance band (you can also do these on a smith machine just place the bar low then get down on hands and knees and place foot directly under bar (knee directly under foot) and raise and lower the bar slowly squeezing the butt hard every rep (keep the back as flat as you can and be prepared to feel the pain)

20 reps forward backward lunges using 20 lb dumbbells

10 reverse squats off a bench

10 lateral bodyweight lunges

20 reps each side lateral band walks

After one round of these 6 killer butt exercises rest for 30-60 seconds then repeat two more times. After you are done with this evil torture finish up with 4 minutes of jumping jack squats tabata style. You can also just do tabatas on the stationary bike or with a jump rope.

This entire workouts takes less than 25 minutes but is very effective.

On Sat. try New York City Ballet: The Complete Workout, Vol. 1 . This is one of the best butt and core workouts I've ever tired. You will feel a difference after just one session. Skip the warm-up and the abs portion and only do the stretches and floor barre.

I'm filming this workout at home today so check back to watch the video. It's so awesome I'm adding it to my plan this week.

by: A.A.R.

Fantastic! I can't wait to do this workout! I did a little "trial run" in the gym yesterday to make sure I had correct form and what-not and learned this is going to kick my butt, but then again that is the idea isn't it.

It is very true about men not knowing how exactly to shape your behind, I have been told so many tims to just use the machines (i.e. leg curls, presses, etc) and I find that only adds bulk to my quads and rarely gives me the "burn" I need for fatloss.

Thank you so much, I am looking forward to this. Hopefully here in a month or so I will be proudly posting an "after" shot.

Holy Schnikees This Butt Workout Kills!!!
by: Monica

This butt workout kills! Take it easy on the weight the first time. If you need to reduce reps to 12-15 the first time or start with lighter weight then increase a bit each circuit go ahead and do that.

I'm writing this between filming rounds 2 and 3 and I'm standing here sweating like a pig, breathing hard, and my legs are on fire!

Thanks for the motivation! I needed to take my leg workouts to the next level too. Can't wait to show you the video.

Butt Makeover Bootcamp - Workout Video
by: Monica

Here is the butt makeover bootcamp workout video. I'm actually putting up another page for it with additional instructions and options. It's going to be part of a new total body bootcamp workout plan.

Sorry I could not make it to the studio to film it. The home version is slightly different but you get the picture.

You have the advantage of being able to use more weight on the kickbacks and a higher bench for the step downs. Be sure to use a band for those lateral walks. It's tempting to want to use the outer thigh machine for this but it's just not the same.

Have fun and let me know how it goes!!!

by: A.A.R.

Thanks, I think this is going to work just great and it helps a lot to have a visual aid!

I will most certainly let you know how it goes.

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