How to get tight toned abs

by Gonzo

After I heavily workout my abs, they look a lot more flabby. Why does this happen? Seems like they would be tighter.

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How to get tight toned abs

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ab workouts vs. ab fatloss
by: Monica

Hey Gonzo

Thanks for posting your question. It's a great one and a very common problem for many people who want tight toned abs or flat abs or six pack abs too.

The main solution is to focus on ab fatloss vs. ab workouts.

Ab workouts and core training is great and some people do need to focus plenty on this but the best formula for tight toned abs is:

1. Eat lean body foods and a clean diet 80-90% of the time (this is the secret to getting the tight toned abs look).

2. Focus more on full body exercises and full body workouts that burn tons of calories, tons of fat and boost the afterburn effect which is the amount of fat your body burns for up to 48 hours after your workout.

3. Forget ab isolation exercises and when you do train your abs focus on the best ab workouts and core exercises that target your deepest ab muscles (the transversus abdominis also known as the TVA). Your TVA is like a natural corset and when activated and working properly it shrinks your core from the inside out. Try these core workouts:

6 Pack Abs Workout

Sexy Abs Workout

Hot Abs Interval Training Workouts

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