How To Get More Clients By Using Freebies The Right Way

by Monica

Service Sellers

Ever meet a doctor who didn't charge you for an office visit when you were sick or not feeling too well? Probably not but virtually every trainer out there offers free trial sessions and 2 week free trials or worst of all free assessments (in my opinion the assessment is what matters most).

Most trainers think they need to do this to get clients to sign up but the reality is that the minute you do this that potential client thinks the following three things.

1. Maybe this trainer isn't as good as he says. At least I don't have to pay to find out.

2. Gee, I wonder what else I can get this guy/gal to give me for free.

3. They must be desperate for business, maybe they'll cut me a deal.

I tried the freebie method for many years and it attracted the worst type of clients. You know the type, the ones who are not serious about getting results, the ones who don't renew, the ones who want you to lower your prices, the ones who never refer other clients.

Is this the type of client you want? I didn't think so. So here's how to use freebies the right way to get clients that pay you top dollar from day 1 and for many years to come!

Offer freebies on your site as a way to get people on your email list. Only offer them as part of a paid package i.e. you buy this package and you get 1 free week, 1 free assessment, etc. NEVER keep giving away freebies unless you're getting something in return (i.e. paid referrals, exchanging services, etc.). ALWAYS make a big deal out of the fact that they're getting an amazing bonus from a highly skilled professional. And finally, don't call it a freebie or use the word free, call it a bonus.

The tools I use to give away bonuses and find out what my visitors want is a newsletter, my blog and quick surveys. Click the link to check out all these Cool Tools and many others I use to earn more pt income online.

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