How Jillian Michaels Pays My Bills

by Monica

Do you like Jillian Michaels? Would you like her more if I told you Jillian can pay your bills? What if I told you that Jillian Michaels pays my bills and Craig Ballantyne sends me on cool vacations once a year?

It's true and I'm going to tell you exactly how this works so you can get a piece of the action too.

People like Jillian and Craig make millions of dollars and the way they do that is by getting other trainers to promote their products and services. Craig has an ebook, and a membership site. Jillian has videos, equipment, and a weight loss coaching site.

They pay other trainers commissions for referring traffic or sales and it's in their best interest to do so because that gives them access to the type of audience that is open and willing to buy what they have to offer.

Some gurus think referring people away from your p.t. site isn't good but the fact is that your clients search for good fitness info on their own anyway so why not just send it to them and make yourself some money from that as well.

All you have to do is write up good articles from time to time (short ones works better) then add links to the products you want to promote. If a client buys the product or clicks an ad you get a commission. Do enough of this and Jillian & Craig will be paying your bills in no time.

The only catch is the products have to fit your niche and you can only make this content available to existing clients. Watch the video below or click the link to learn more about how affiliate commissions work.

BTW, hardly anybody gets checks like Thomas. Most affiliates just have their money direct deposited : )

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