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How Fun Workouts Can Boost Fatloss

by Monica

What if you made exercise and fatloss more fun? Would that make it easier for it to become part of every day life? Would you be less likely to skip workouts when life gets stressful and busy? Would you get better results from your workout plan?

For many people fatloss and exercise can be a real chore for others it's work while others just try to zone out until it's over.

I know from personal experience that making workouts more fun and interesting keeps me motivated and improves my performance. It's also what keeps people in my bootcamp coming back for more.

Fun can have a huge impact on behavior and in the video below researchers put this fun theory to the test. They set out to find out how many more people would choose the stairs over the escalator if the stairs looked like more fun. Watch what happens and you decide whether making your workouts more fun, more dynamic, and more engaging is key to fatloss.

How do you make your workouts more fun? Share your ideas with others below.

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How Fun Workouts Can Boost Fatloss

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Speaking of fun workouts.....
by: Anonymous

Speaking of fun workouts, One of the most fun group fitness classes that I have ever taken is called Punk Rope. The class is a playful blend of recess and boot camp for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is a great class for adults and children to take together. All of the classes are themed and some of the themes range from Super Heroes to the Super Bowl and everything in-between.

For example, in a cops & robbers themed class, instead of doing boring lunges, you are lunging & twisting your waist with your arms stretched out, hands clasped & fingers pointed out as if you have a gun. Instead of plain squats, you imagine that you are lowering yourself from a helicopter. In-between these fun drills, the class also features relay races and, of course, rope jumping.

Punk Rope leads to a wide range of health and fitness benefits including improved: body composition ? bone density ? strength ? aerobic capacity ? coordination ? balance, all while having a great time! It makes you feel like you are a kid again and helps relieve stress as well as burning calories. You can also check out more info at www.punkrope.com and find a class near you!

It's like fun P.E. class
by: Monica

Thanks for posting this. This is what P.E. should have been like.

I think people (especially kids) would be more active if geting fit was always this fun. I love the themes and costumes too!

I'm so stoked there's a class here in Tucson. It's actually right down the street from the gym where I train clients. We're going!

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