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How do I gain lean muscle

by Rodolfo

Every summer I workout until May to September, and then I stop due to the university (medicine). I stop because I end up with no motivation to continue .

I always start with 62 kg and end with 66.6 kg lol. I am 19 years old and my body year after year keeps the same bony structure. Here's a photo from last year (face, smile, due to braces witch I don't have it now :-) ). I use to do P90x for one year then normal/regular and end up coming to the P90x Program. I have no fat, lazy and I eat a lot of supplements and this includes proteins carbohydrates and creatine. My question is: How do I change my bony structure or :-/ is it good as it is now.

Rodolfo Reis

*glad to see a website that helps

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How do I gain lean muscle

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lean muscle workouts and workout plan
by: Monica

Hi Rodolfo, Thanks for posting your question. It's been a while since somebody asked me this question. Most people who visit this site want to get smaller not bigger : )

The most important thing is to find a good workout plan that will help you accomplish something that you can maintain. P90X is a good system for beginners but once you go through that workout plan 1-2 times your body needs to progress to more advanced exercises to continue to pack on lean muscle and to keep you motivated. The main reasons many people get unmotivated is #1 they stop seeing results and #2 their mind and body are no longer being challenged.

If you want a great workout plan to build lean muscle try Muscle Building Secrets. I think you will love this plan.

Also here are three more workouts that can help you, Spartacus Workout. The first Spartacus workout in the video is more for building muscle and losing fat and the 2 Spartacus workouts below the video are strictly for building lean muscle.

You can also try the 300 Workout.

BTW, I think you look great but if you want more muscle you have the genetics to put it on so let us know how it goes once you get started with the workout plan.

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