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The Hot Abs Exercises You Need to Get Lean Sexy Abs Fast

The best hot abs exercises are the multi-dimensional ab moves that Ab expert David Grisaffi explains in his Firm & Flatten Your Abs ebook.

According to David "the functions of the abdominal and core muscles are so numerous, so varied and so complex that there are more possible exercises you can do for abs and core than for any other body part.

But with literally hundreds of core and abs exercises to choose from, the irony is that most people are STILL doing one-dimensional ab exercises (i.e. crunches, sit ups, leg raises) that fail to engage all the functions of the core region, strengthen thoroughly in every plane of movement, and develop the proper neurological link to the muscle.

The end result is muscle weakness, muscle imbalances, injuries, poochy lower abs and not so sexy abs. David explains that to get sexy abs you need to train every muscle in your core region with ab exercises that include: Flexion, Extension, Stabilization, Rotation, Side flexion, Prone, Supine, Seated, Standing, Quadruped, Stable, Unstable.

By working the abs in every capacity and function for which they were designed, you will 1. Increase your strength 2. Decrease the odds of ever having back pain 3. Improve sports performance 4. Avoid plateaus and muscle adaptation 5. And best of all get sexy abs."

Get started with the 5 hot ab sexercises below. Perform 10-15 reps of each and focus on slow controlled movement.

Supine Shoulder Shift with kettlebells
1. Lie on your back with a ball under your upper back and hold a kettlebell in each hand with your arms outstretched.
2. Rotate your body so the exercise ball shifts towards one shoulder and then shift back to the other shoulder.
3. Maintain good core control and balance throughout the movement.
4. Repeat for the prescribed repetitions.

Hot abs exercises tip:
Use light weights or a dowel rod instead of kettlebells.
Sets RepsWeight/
Seated hyperextension on ball
1. Start by sitting on a ball with your arms outstretched to a band that has tension on it.
2. Slowly lean back on the ball until your upper body is parallel to your hips.
3. Let the band pull you back up under control and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Hot abs exercises tip:
Use any resistance band or cable machine.
Sets RepsWeight/
Lateral Flexion on ball
1. Start by laying across a stability ball so that the ball is placed under your hip.
2. Laterally flex your body and raise your upper body up towards the ceiling. Keep your body parallel the entire time.
3. Repeat for the prescribed repetitions and then repeat with the other side.

Hot abs exercises tip:
Separate feet for more stability.
Sets RepsWeight/
One Arm Prone Bridge
Start Position: Roll out on the ball so that your shins are on the ball and you are supported by your hands in a table top position.
Take one hand and lift off the ground and bring back towards your hip.
Now raise it out in front of your head.
Repeat with other arm.

Hot abs exercises tip:
Keep abs and glutes contracted to stabilize.
Sets RepsWeight/
Kneeling lateral front raise combo
1. Start by kneeling on a stability ball and maintaining your balance.
2. Take two kettleballs or dumbells and keeping your arms straight raise them out to the side parallel with your shoulders.
3. Once you reach parallel then rotate them forward so that they are extended directly in front of you.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Hot abs exercises tip:
Use no weights or balance without the arm movement if it's too challenging.
Sets RepsWeight/
Get sexy abs faster than you thought possible with Firm & Flatten Your Abs

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