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Hot Abs Interval Training Workouts

by Monica

The hot abs interval training workouts challenge includes 16-20 minutes of high intensity intervals that target every inch of your abs, legs and arms while burning tons of fat and calories. It's the best way to train if you want to burn more ab fat and get lean and toned fast.

These two hot abs interval workouts are also part of this month's giveaway. To enter to win all you have to do is list the number of rounds you were able to complete in 16-20 minutes or list two of your favorite exercises that target the abs while blasting tons of calories (obviously crunches or laying on the floor exercises don't fall into this category). Challenge ends Aug. 5 2010.

Interval Training Workout Instructions: Pick one of the workouts below and perform any of the following interval combinations going from one exercise to the next without rest and repeat for 16-20 minutes. No breaks unless absolutely necessary. If you do need a break only take it after you complete 1 round of all 4 exercises.

20 seconds rest 10 seconds recovery (tabata intervals) and continue repeating


30 seconds on each exercise (continous work intervals) and keep repeating

Hot Abs Interval Training Workout 1 (TRX/Sandbell option)
trx mountain climbers
trx alternating lateral knee-tucks
trx skaters
alternating 1 arm sandbell swings

Hot Abs Fat Interval Training Workout 2 (gym option, video coming tomorrow)
mountain climbers w/towels or gliding discs
kettlebell or dumbbell swings
skaters w/ medicine ball chop (any weight works for this)
bench hop overs

Enter your rounds or list your two favorite fat blasting ab exercises to win a copy of one of my favorite interval training workout plans, Turbulence Training Hot Zone Fatloss.

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Hot Abs Interval Training Workouts

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I'll give this a try...
by: Jeri

I'm going to try the Hot Abs Fat Interval Training Workout 2. However, I'll be doing it at home but I don't have a bench to do the bench hop overs...any suggestions?

MacGyver It
by: Monica

Remember the second MacGyver Workout were I was doing hops over a piece of tape? Try those with or without that quad squat in between. Very fun and works the same : )

Killer Workout!
by: Jeri

Okay, I woke up late & told myself this workout is only 16 minutes so I can squeeze it in.

I completed option #2, 30 seconds continous no rest for 16 minutes & I barely managed to squeeze in all 8 rounds. I think I'll do this again on Friday =)

by: Anonymous

Thank you very much, I had a baby 5 months ago I can't say I'm fat but I end up with stretch marks and my tummy is not hard and I have fat, I'm going to try this exercises, if you can suggest any of this in particular, I also want to know where I can get elastic trip that ypu have on the firs video. Thank again.

exercise straps for ab workouts
by: Monica

Hey Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I got the exercise straps in the video on Amazon. There are actually many types of straps you can buy that range in price from $20 to $200 so there are options in all price ranges.

I recently saw the Jillian Michaels exercise straps and those look pretty cool too. Click the link to see all the different types of suspension trainer straps plus other options for ab workouts.

The more time you spend training your abs face down the faster you'll be able to flatten your abs again after a baby. Plank style exercises are what works best for post baby tummy : )


Thank you a lot Monica, in this two videos #2 video will be the best for me?

both are great workouts
by: Monica

Both are great workouts for flat abs. I think #2 is better for beginners and people who train in the gym and #1 is better for people who are more intermediate/advanced and who train at home.

Both workouts can be done at the gym or at home so really it's a matter of what you prefer and what works best with equipment you like or have : )

Here are more plank style exercises you can do for hot abs. These are some of the best ab exercises around for flat abs.

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