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Gymboss Workout Tips & Giveaway

by Monica

There are so many ways you can use a Gymboss interval timer to burn more fat, tone up, and get fit fast but there are 3 Gymboss workout tips that can help you burn more fat and get fit even faster.

Gymboss Workout Tips:

1. Change your intervals each month or each week. Try any of these dual timer settings:

20 sec. work 10 sec. active recovery (tabatas)
30 sec. work 30 sec. work (great for supersets)
30 sec. work 60 sec. active recovery (awesome for sprints)
60 sec. work 30 sec. active recovery (awesome for advanced sprints)
45 sec. work 15 sec. active recovery (best for weightloss beginners)
50 sec. work 10 sec. active recovery (best for weightloss intermediates/advanced)

2. Use your gymboss for timing mobility and flexibility exercises. Set it for 8 intervals 60 sec. each and work on one mobility or flexibility exercise each interval. Do this before any fatloss workout because better mobility/flexibility = better workouts and more fatloss!

3. Use for time challenge fatloss circuits. Set your gymboss for 5-8 intervals 4 min. long each then perform 5-10 reps of 5 of your favorite fatloss exercises as quickly as possible with good technique of course. The faster you get through the circuit the more time you have to rest before the next interval comes up. This is a great technique I learned from Tacfit.

Pink Gymboss Giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and according to a a National Cancer Institute study "Exercise cuts a woman's risk of breast cancer after menopause -- but only vigorous exercise. Moderate exercise did not cut breast cancer risk."

The best way to make sure you get some vigorous exercise every time you workout is to start timing your intervals with a Gymboss interval timer.

If you don't have a Gymboss yet you can enter to win one below. This giveaway start on October 15 2011 and runs through October 31 2011. To enter simply post your answer to one of the two questions below and your answer will be entered into a drawing that will take place November 1st 2011 on random.org. The winner will be announced here on this blog post and also in the free workouts guide newsletter.

Question 1: Why do you want a Gymboss and how would you use it?

Question 2: What inspires you to work out and stay in shape or get into better shape?

Here's one of my favorite Gymboss workouts

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Gymboss Giveaway & Weirdest Workout Playlist

by Monica

Enter to win a Gymboss by posting what you think the songs in my weirdest workout playlist have in common. Your answer whether right or wrong will enter you to win. I don't think anybody will guess correctly but if you do I will be blown away!

Want to know what's even better than using a Gymboss for killer intervals? Being able to listen to any music you like while using it. I'm working out to my weirdest workout playlist today.

You can hit the play/forward button at any time to go to the next song.

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Gymboss Giveaway & Full Body Exercises Challenge

by Monica

There are now two ways to enter to win a Gymboss interval timer. You can enter by posting your answer to either of the questions in the Gymboss Workout Tips & Giveaway blog post.

You can also try my full body exercises challenge below and just post your time. This workout takes me about 22 minutes on a good day and closer to 27 min. on an average day.

Challenge Instructions: Perform 8-10 reps of each exercise (8-10 on each side for single side exercises) and take a 0-60 sec. rest after each circuit. In other words rest as long as you need for up to 60 sec.

forearm press

swinging plank pushup

suspension trainer power pull w/twist

theraband reverse lunge w/twist (resistance bands work too)

mega ball deck squat w/toss

*sets were edited at 2x speed and 4x speed to keep video from getting too long but the second set in the video (which was actually my 5th and last set) is at regular speed.

If you can complete 5 rounds in under 20 min. with an RPT (rate of perceived technique) of 9 on EVERY set then you are a rockstar! If you're superfit try completing the challenge in under 20 min.

Gymboss Tip: Set your Gymboss for 5 rounds of 3.5 to 4.5 min. This helps you to stay focused and not waste too much time between exercises or take too much rest time. If the beep is going off too soon after a set you know you need to start moving more quickly and more efficiently.

Extra Fat Burning Intervals: After the full body exercises workout you can add 4 minutes of jump rope tabatas for some extra fat burning cardio. This will add another 4 min. to your 20-25 min. workout.

The full body exercises challenge is actually part of the get sexy workouts series. Full instructions for this entire series plus my low carb cycling journal coming in 3 weeks.

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