How to get lean abs. Fitness and diet tips that get you results fast plus links to other how to get lean abs tips and ab workout to get you started.

lean abs, six pack abs, toned abs, burn belly fat How do you get lean abs, toned abs, or six-pack abs? According to the most knowledgeable fitness experts and fat loss experts you need a clean diet and only the best ab workouts. Ab workouts that involve full body movement and burn loads of calories during AND after exercise.

Ab exercises like spidermans, stability ball pikes, pushup supermans, and resistance band pulls or chops, work abs more effectively than basic boring crunches because they do three very important things:

  • 1. They use more than just ab muscles so they burn more calories during a workout and build more lean muscles all over which means you also burn more calories when you're not working out.
  • 2. They utilize the abs the way they were intended to be utlized, as support and postural muscles during full body movement and as a unit with the entire body vs. in isolation (no muscle in the body is EVER used in isolation) so you use more of your abs when training other body parts as well and this burns even more calories.
  • 3. They are tough exercises that require huge bursts of energy that burn more fat (also called an interval), and less fat on the body means leaner more visible abs.

Other factors that will help you get lean abs and six-pack abs include:

  • Interval cardio workouts - the kind you can do in 10-20 minutes after a circuit workout or a full body workout, and that burn tons of fat which means lean more visible abs.
  • A clean diet - the kind devoid of excess sugar, excess fat, overly processed food, and too much alcohol. Opt-in to our weekly ezine and get free eating tips, free nutrition mini courses, answers to frequently asked lean abs questions, and access to our members only area that includes diet and nutrition content from only the best fat loss and ab experts in the business.
  • A workout routine chock full of muscle building, metabolism boosting exercises like push-ups, single leg dumbbell rows, sprints, lunges with overhead dumbbell presses, and bench dips.
  • Stress relievers like yoga, hobbies, sports, that prevent rises in cortisol and other fat storage hormones.
  • A metabolism boosting diet that promotes balanced, consistent, healthy eating, with some room for cheating.

You can workout your abs as hard as you like by doing thousands of crunches a day or using silly ab gadgets you've bought from t.v. infomercials but you will never get lean abs unless you are willing to address ALL the factors above. Unfortunately you can't pick and choose what is convenient for you. If you want results from your workouts then you have to choose the best ab workouts like the ones on this site plus follow ALL the diet and fitness rules outlined above.

The good news is that if you do follow all the lean abs rules above then the ab workouts on this site that incorporate all the key factors listed will work faster than you can possibly imagine. If your body fat is in the fitness range you can expect results in 2-3 weeks. If your body fat is in the low athlete range then expect results in two weeks or less. If your body fat is in the healthy to borderline obese range then you'll see results in 5-7 weeks. That's a very short period of time regardless of what category you're in.

To get started simply measure your body fat and track your food intake and workouts for a couple of days. Once you have your number and your current plan then tweak according to the rules and your goals. Then just choose from one of the great ab workouts below. Don't be too surprised if you don't see many crunches or crunch like exercises. Remember that the ab exercises you see are much more effective in sculpting lean toned abs. Keep an open mind and be patient with your body.

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