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Full Body Exercises Fatloss Challenge

The full body exercises fatloss challenge is an intense time challenge workout that targets every inch of your body with bodyweight exercises, mega ball exercises and thera band exercises too.

This workout is not for beginners or people with poor core stability, shoulder problems, or low back issues. If you have any of these issues start with the full body exercises interval workout or the total body weightloss workout first (both at bottom of page).

The movement patterns are similar and they will help you build the core strength, endurance and hip mobility you need for this fatloss workout.

Full Body Fatloss Challenge Instructions

Perform 8-12 reps of each exercise (8-12 on each side for single side exercises) and take a 0-60 sec. rest after each circuit. In other words rest as long as you need for up to 60 sec.

Forearm press - Squeeze shoulder blades together and down towards the glutes as you press up to prevent shoulder strain. If your hamstrings are tight you can bend the knees a bit and keep heels off floor.

Swinging plank pushup - Perform pushup from knees then contract the deep abs (TVA) as you lift into plank position and bend the knees to one side and drag the glutes towards the heels. Keep knees off floor during pushup to make it more challenging. When you do this right it feels like you're swinging from side to side.

Suspension trainer power pull w/twist - Pivot your feet and twist into the suspension trainer as you curl, if you do this right it feels like you're wrapped yourself up like a mummy and your biceps will start burning like crazy on the last few reps. If you feel nothing then your legs are doing all the work. A good substitution for this if you don't have a suspension trainer is single leg bent over dumbbell curl to kickback.

Theraband reverse lunge w/twist (resistance bands work too) - As you lunge back twist the upper body by squeezing the shoulder blades and lifting the arms up towards the ceiling (sitting into the heel helps to twist more). Slightly bent arms is o.k. You will still feel it in the biceps, shoulders, core, back, glutes, and legs!

Mega ball deck squat w/toss - This is a full body sit up that requires you to contract the abs hard to go from laying to sitting to standing. As you are coming up to standing toss the ball up then brace your abs as you catch. **If you have poor flexibility in the hips, a weak core, or a weak back this exercise is not for you. Try a squat thrust instead or a sumo squat to medicine ball toss.

Full Body Exercises Interval Workout

Full instructions for this workout are available at this link: Full Body Exercises Interval Workout

You can also try the Total Body Weightloss Workout full instructions at the link.