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Free Workouts Guide Pimp My Workout Challenge

by Monica

That hot guy in the pic is really my boyfriend and he's using the TRX in our living room. OMG it's true!

That hot guy in the pic is really my boyfriend and he's using the TRX in our living room. OMG it's true!

Some guy who filled out one of the surveys on the site doesn't think some of the pics or stories here at Free Workouts Guide are real. Warning: Monica's crazy rant ahead.

Is THIS GUY for real? Maybe this guy just can't keep up with 80% of the women who do visit here. I truly doubt this guy could do as many burpees as mom of 4 Lisa, or run up a hill as fast as Jeri (my Mahalo weight loss success story ), or dig deeper like crazy Hanna who is crazy about Insanity Workouts.

I doubt this guy's as passionate about fitness as my friend JC, or all the other amazing trainers who email me from time to time to say thanks for the killer workouts (Abi from Australia, Cathy from Canada, Lisa from Atlanta, Nancy from Ohio, Jamie and so many others).

I don't think this guy realizes that people who visit Free Workouts Guide aren't just here for "free workouts". People who end up here are here to get results.

I guess I can't be too upset about this guy's comments though because most other workout sites aren't like free workouts guide.

You rarely visit other sites and hear women in their late 50's bragging about how they kicked some serious a** doing a MacGyver Workout, you don't hear women plotting to do their first pullup or scheming about doing more pushups like women on this site do.

You mostly hear a lot of women complaining about their guts and their butts and not taking responsibility for their actions or their health.

The people and stories here are at FWG are real, the names and pics are real, the results are real and you too can get real results really fast but only if you're serious about doing the work.

Free workout sites are a dime a dozen, a community of people who are insane about health and fitness is priceless and definitely not very common.

FWG ain't no Acai blog scam but if you have doubts then I challenge you to submit your workout (include a pic if you like) and let me pimp your workout so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.

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Free Workouts Guide Pimp My Workout Challenge

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Free Workouts is a MAJOR Asset
by: Cathy from Canada

Hi Monica,

I have to agree with you, this guy who is ranting about your workouts probably is a wannabe. So, let's give him a chance. Maybe he should try some of your workouts!

Your workouts have helped me be very creative and innovative with my bootcampers. They love their classes and are always amazed that there is always something new introduced. They keep coming back for more, and are all in fantastic shape now. They are troopers, never scared to take on anything new.

As a matter of fact, this weekend we invited a friend of mine, J.P. Montoya, to come and teach a Capoiera Seminar. He can twirl his body in amazing positions, and patiently taught 18 of us the beginner moves of this ancient African dance/fighting technique.

You would want to be in shape to take this seminar, and because of the bootcamp classes, many walked away after 2 1/2 hours totally satisfied and happy, and tired, but they endured the whole seminar. Not an easy task if you have ever seen Capoiera!

Capoiera is not easy. Having said that, Thanks for all the tips, the tabata protocol, the MacGuyver workouts, the Insanity (which I have ordered), the TRX which I love, and so on, and so on.

I love your Workouts Guide and I commend you for your fantastic dedication, experience, and inspirations! We are lucky to have you.


I love great workout stories
by: Monica

Hey Cathy

Thanks for sharing that cool story. My son was taking Capoeira a while back and it looks awesome. At the time when he was going I was still dealing with some painful injuries so I couldn't join him.

I think watching him is what really motivated me to seek out a more holistic approach to fitness so I could get my mobility back and eventually try it.

I ended up getting involved with aerial dance instead but I still want to take a capoeira class some day.

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