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Fitness Stories and Tips for Fitness Professionals

Check out what other trainers have asked me in the past few months about training boot camp clients, injured clients, or designing workouts.

Beginner Boot Camp Exercises Can you suggest any boot camp exercises that will challenge beginners but not kill them?

How to design bootcamp workout program? I am launching a Bridal Boot Camp at an indoor facility for the winter...

Working out with rotator cuff tear? I have a client who has a tear in their rotator cuff and doctor says that surgery is an option but she doesn't want to get it done.

Exercise and chronic fatigue fibromialgia Killer story about how to train yourself or clients with special needs.

Marketing Stories & Tips for Fitness Professionals

Do you have a success story, working a unique niche, or need more tips to help you get more clients? Check out a cool success story and pick up some easy and effective marketing tips that will help you get more clients and make more money. More articles based on survey above plus weekly newsletter coming soon.

Marketing tips for trainers The bootcamp marketing tips, exercises, and free guide to help you get clients and dominate in your area.

Additional articles coming based on demand....

How to run a velvet rope bootcamp

Why you need to carve out a niche and how to do it the right way

1 on 1 is alive and thriving and you can make plenty if you're doing it the right way

The truth about info products and why you don't need one to make a killer income online

Why "authority blogs" won't work for you and the real deal about "blogging" as an income

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