The right fitness gear is essential for a great fat burning workout. Here's what to get and what you can skip.

Getting the right fitness gear is crucial for getting a fat burning workout. So how do you know what to get and what to skip? After years of training clients in gyms, in private studios, at home, outdoors, and even at work, you learn what gear is essential and what to skip. Below is a list of what you need along with links so you can just order online and save yourself some time and money. There's also a list of not so essential equipment that's nice to have but can be skipped.

Must Have Fitness Gear for Great Workouts

This is the equipment that you absolutely must have. The good news is that even if you buy most of this stuff, you'll spend very little and build yourself a nice home gym that you can set up in any small space for quick fat burning workouts. One very important tip!! Don't skimp on shoes. You need support and you need grip. Lots of people roll an ankle or have sore shins or knees due to bad shoes. Replace them at least every 12 months to prevent physical therapy visits that are costly and time consuming and in some cases even painful!
  • good cross training or running shoes
  • adjustable dumbbells
  • exercise ball also called stability ball
  • medicine ball with or without handles
  • scale with body fat feature to monitor progress
  • chin up bar or door gym
  • comfortable workout pants or shorts
  • adjustable bench that can handle step ups
  • speed rope made of pvc
  • resistance cables or bands

No need to go searching all over the internet for stuff. Amazon's got the goods right here!

Not So Essential Equipment for Exercise but Nice To Have

If you train in a gym then you can skip most of this gear. If you train at home then having most of this equipment will help you burn fat and lose weight faster especially if weather is an issue where you live (too hot, too cold). If you don't like getting up to do cardio at 5 a.m. because it's already in the high 90's by 8 a.m. in the summer time, or you don't feel like running in rain or snow then getting a cardio machine is a must for calorie burning.

  • ipod nano along with toughskin case with belt clip
  • treadmill, bike, or elliptical
  • squat rack with 45 lb. bar
  • kettlebells and sandbags
  • box step or original aerobics step
  • core board or bosu ball
  • total gym or cable tower

Killer workouts you can do with your new fitness gear.

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