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Fitness over 50

by Bob
(Salem, Oregon)


I am a 55 year young man who has stayed active and thin for years. I would like to build muscle, and stay athletic and flexible for my remaining years. Any suggestions would help. I workout at home and have dumbells, trx, ball, val slides, and some heavy rocks outside!


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Fitness over 50

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over 50 fitness
by: Monica

Hi Bob and thanks for you question. Most of the clients I've trained the last 6 years have been over 50 and they need just what you mentioned lean muscle and flexibility and mobility.

Based on the equipment you have I think you would really enjoy my primal fitness workouts plan. This plan is based on the 7 primal movement patterns that everybody should perform for health, fitness and longevity. It also includes mobility and flexibility as well as outdoor cardio.

You can substitute the sandbell stuff for rock tossing outdoors which is even more primal just be careful with your toes.

Another plan you might enjoy is my core workouts plan. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks, Monica
by: Bob

Wow, those are very different workouts, and I appreciate you putting those in for me. I am going to try them, and once again, they differ very much from the standard "weight routines" that I see. I get rather bored by those. Where do I get a hold of the yoga DVD, and is that pretty tough stuff to do. I saw the author on YouTube, and she is in great shape!

Thanks again, and let me know any other ideas you have for working out.

workout tips
by: Monica

You're welcome. Primal is really fun and great for building muscle and improving flexibility but if there are any exercises in a workout or any workout you ever run across anywhere that don't work for you be sure to modify or change them to fit your needs.

Keep what works, try new things from time to time and always progress your workout once a month to keep improving : )

Shiva's awesome dvd's can be found on Amazon. If you visit my Amazon shop you find those and any other equipment I use in there too.

Hi Monika
by: Bob

Boy, your workouts have been fun. I want to keep changing it up though. Any other ideas for at home with a TRX, stability ball, medicine ball, and dumbells, plus an acre of land at my home? As always, thanks.

more at home workouts
by: Monica

Great to hear you are having some fun with your workouts.

If you need more workouts with specific equipment be sure to check out the home gym workouts section for animated workouts and videos.

I created pages for all the most popular pieces of home gym gear. The suspension trainer page has about a dozen trx workout plus additional workout ideas.

You can also go to the find workouts tab and perform searches for any type of fitness equipment or exercise or type of training and any workout that features what you're looking for will come up in the search.

Also if you love Primal you will love Tacfit and Circular Strength Training and you will also like the TRX outdoors park workout. I filmed this series while on vacation in Del Mar last summer.

I'll be posting a link to the new fwg newsletter next week. If you love getting new workouts and workout ideas about every 10 days you can sign up for that too! Just look for the sign up form next week.

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