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Fitness Anywhere Workout Giveaway

by Monica

Being stuck on an Island with only a towel is actually pretty cool!  More on that crazy story some other time.

Being stuck on an Island with only a towel is actually pretty cool! More on that crazy story some other time.

Not sure if you've noticed but it's Christmas in July here at Free Workouts Guide. One lucky winner gets to choose 1 of the 13 prizes below and there's still one more prize to come.

To enter to win just answer the question that was posed to me by the Tucson Citizen for an article in their Body Plus section: "If you knew you were going to be stuck on an island or in the desert for one month, and you could take only one piece of fitness equipment with you to stay fit, what would it be?"

Here's what I chose and what they quoted me saying in the paper, "I choose a towel because it's a metaphor for keeping it simple and keeping it fun. A towel can be used to train every inch of your body and if you're not using it to wipe away some serious sweat, then you know you need to increase the intensity."

As many of you guys know I believe that fitness needs to be fun and intense. I also believe it must be practical and in my opinion bodyweight exercises on or with a towel are as practical as it gets but there is no right or wrong answer because whatever you choose has to work for you.

So tell me what you would choose and enter to win this week's prize, a copy of my favorite Fitness ANYWHERE workout plan or one of the prizes below. Contest ends Aug. 5, 2010.

BTW, if you need a killer towel workout the two videos here feature some really great exercises you can do anywhere. Be sure to try the single leg palm tree towel row!

List of Prizes
Truth About Abs
10 lb. Sandbell
Crack The Fatloss Code
Eating for Life
Fat Burning Furnace
The Abs Diet
The Diet Solution
Burn The Fat or Tom's Body Fat Solution
Carb Rotation Diet
Anti-Estrogenic Diet
Metabolic Typing Diet
**Read more about these healthy eating plans at this link.

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Fitness Anywhere Workout Giveaway

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Resistance Band
by: Jeri

I would have to choose my trusty resistance band because besides being simple & portable it should be able to withstand the elements of nature. It provides me with a great upper body workout (think - pull downs using a tree) as well as burning lower body workout (band walks, band kickbacks).

Rock A Resistance Band
by: Monica

Hey Jeri

You know how to rock a resistance band like a true warrior princess! Resistance band pull downs on a tree are awesome, practical, and fun.

I'm gonna start calling you Princess K (Kaʻiulani was known throughout the world for her intelligence, beauty and determination). That's you!!!

BTW, thanks again for the awesome Oahu pics book. I love it : )

Gotta love the resistance band
by: Jenn

I take a resistance band with me just about anywhere. I use it at my desk at work, in hotel rooms and on the road etc. so of course I would want it with me on an island. Not to mention I could use it as a sling shot against any unfriendly island visitors!

One thing
by: Tammy

I would have to say my new TRX. I am loving that thing and feel like it gives a complete workout.

TRX and Band Groupies
by: Monica

I am definitely a TRX groupie just like you Tammy. I'm putting up a cool Jukari style workout next week. You will love it.

Jenn you are hilarious and I would never want to be on your bad side : )

i would bring a bench
by: Anonymous

I would bring a bench. You can do step ups, jump ups, up and over with both legs, dips, incline, decline pushups, all kinds of ab work, you could shoulder press the bench, butt work, list is endless. Great piece of equipment.Shaune Montgomery

benches are great
by: Monica

You're right! You can do a million things with just a bench (or chair). During a small aparatus training CEC at Bally's our regional manager posed a challenge: he said "you're training a client during prime time (4-7p.m. and the only thing you can get your hands on is one piece of equipment, show me what you would do" then he paired up trainers and said go train each other. The bench trainers were doing some awesome stuff I never thought to do before.

We all learned a lot that day about how not to waste a client's time waiting around for equipment, how to be creative, how easy it is to kick somebody's butt in 10 minutes and how to get the attention of everybody in the gym so that other potential clients want to train with you too.

This is one of the most important skills you can learn as a gym member or trainer even if you train clients in a studio, at a park, or in home.

Just Me
by: Jamie J.

I'd take just me. Body weight exercises, when done correctly, are just as effective as using weights or equipment. Why bother packing bulky equipment when all you might need is a piece of paper with a hand full of exercises for each major muscle group? Besides if you are out and about, you'll most likely be walking, hiking, jogging, swimming, whatever...and well, your body is doing all the work.

no kidding
by: Monica

No kidding Jamie. I think I would print out every single Tacfit and BER workout I have. That's enough no equipment workouts to last a lifetime.

Quick lesson in publicity for trainers. Think outside the box and you are more likely to get featured in the paper more often.

7 other trainers were interviewed for this article. Only 2 of us were quoted multiple times; Lazlo with Blue Pants Racing who picked a rope, and me. Other trainers chose, kb, db, res. band, timer, bosu, ankle weights.

fitness equip 1 thing
by: Cara

I would have to say my stop watch!! i love doing the tabata workouts!!

One Thing
by: Deb

Well Monica, I would pick you for the winner because you picked the towel I would take. My second choice would be my GymBoss! I love that thing! I was just visiting my son in Austin and was able to get a personal trainer session with his best friend (Tool Box Fitness) Fred. I ordered one for Fred as a thank you gift for the training session. He will love it!

Gymboss workouts rule!
by: Monica

So glad you love your Gymboss. It's one of my favorite fitness tools ever. I would love to know what Tool Box Fitness Fred has inside his tool box. Tell him to get over here and post something cool : )

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