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Bodycon Metcon Fat Loss Workout

The bodycon fat loss workout combines 10 fat burning exercises into a metabolic conditioning circuit that boosts metabolism, burns fat for up to 48 hours, and strengthens and tones your entire body so you can rock your bodycon wear.

The best part about this bodycon metcon workout is that you can totally customize it to your needs with 3 workout options, dozens of modifications. All you need to get started is dumbbells and a sand filled ball or sandbag/sandbell.

Need workout gear? Get it here: Affordable Home Gym Gear. BTW, this workout was inspired by the bodycon trend featured in the video at the end.

Bodycon Metcon Fat Loss Workout Instructions

Fat Loss Workout Option 1: Perform the circuit below twice. Little to no rest between exercises and no rest between circuits. The entire circuit takes 6-7 min. and is 150 reps total so two rounds = 300 reps. This option does not include jump rope run in place but you can add it in if you like.

Fat Loss Workout Option 2: Perform the circuit below once then do 150 jump rope run in place (work on 50 at a time 2-3 seconds rest between each set of 50). After little to no rest repeat the circuit and the jump rope intervals one more time. This options = 600 reps.

Fat Loss Workout Option 3: Start with 50 jump rope intervals then perform the first 3 exercises in the circuit then 50 more jump rope intervals then the next 3 exercises then 50 more jump rope intervals then the last 3 exercises. After one circuit rest for 1 min. then repeat 1-2 more times. This option = 600-900 reps and is more intense than option 2.

Dumbbell deadlift curl to press 20 reps (10 each side) - Holding one db in one hand bend at the hips until back is flat and parallel with floor. Squeeze the glutes and deep abs to raise back up then curl the weight and press it overhead. Keep knees slightly bent and opposite hand behind back to improve technique. Make it harder by using two weights for all 20 reps or adding reverse lunge as you overhead press one weight. Make it easier by eliminating overhead press. Use medium weight for this (not light and not super heavy).

Alternating leg lift Pilates pushup 10 total reps - Start on hands and knees and lift one leg up as high as you can by squeezing your glute. Perform modified pushup with leg up then switch legs and repeat on other side. Keep abs slightly contracted to protect the low back. Focus on elbows bending back not out to sides. Chin should almost touch the floor when you're down. Make it harder by doing regular pushups instead of modified. Make it easier by keeping one leg up for 5 reps then opposite leg up for 5 reps.

Capoeira lunge w/alternating dumbbell row 20 total reps - Start in a low squat with hands in front of chest then lunge back with left leg and grab dumbbell with left hand and row then place dumbbell back on floor and repeat on other side. Stay in low squat the entire time. Use abs and arms to stabilize and keep stomach off your thigh to work core, glutes, legs, and back. If you need to modify just hold a lunge stance and do all your rows on one side then switch to the other side or keep the alternating reverse lunge from low squat and take out the row until your legs get stronger.

Curtsey lunge w/dumbbell side raise 20 reps (10 each side) - Stand with feet shoulder width apart holding dumbbells at sides. Curstey lunge as far down as your body allows then contract the abs, glutes, and biceps as you raise back up and raise weights up to shoulder level. Take your time with this exercise and focus on core, glutes, and arms to avoid swinging the weights and losing your balance. Make it harder by adding side leg lift. Make it easier by doing bent arms side raise instead of straight arms.

Squat w/ alternating db arabesque 20 total reps - Start with feet just a few inches apart holding one dumbbell by the ends. Squat down as low as you can then contract the core and shoulder blades as you raise back up to lift the weight up towards the ceiling and squeeze the glute to lift one leg back. Repeat alternating sides. Make it easier by using no weight. Make it harder by leaning forward more as you arabesque.

Toe touch to alternating tabletop twist 10 total reps - Start sitting on floor with legs straight in front of you. Reach forward as far as you can to touch toes by pulling the belly button into the spine and rounding the back then roll back up like a wave to place the hands behind you (fingers pointing forward or back, whatever works for you). Lift into a tabletop position and release right hand and twist upper body to the left until right hand almost touches left hand. Use glutes, inner thighs, and core to stabilize. This is not an arm exercise so you should not feel like your arms are doing any work. Make it harder by reaching up and back instead of twisting to the side. Make it easier by eliminating the twist part.

Rotating lunge w/ball chop 20 total reps - Holding a sand filled ball or sandbag/sandbell, stand with feet much wider than hip width and toes point out. Rotate to right and lunge as you reach ball to outside of right leg. Contract the abs to lift and twist to the other side. Squeeze glutes to come up from lunge and contract core to stabilize and balance. Make it harder by adding overhead press after every lunge. Make it easier by eliminating ball chop.

Russian twist w/base switch 10 total reps - Holding a sand filled ball or sandbag/sandbell, stand with feet wider than hip width and toes point out. Jump as you rotate to the right and then to the left. Stay light on feet and keep ball close to your chest. Make this harder by moving ball away from your body. Make it easier by shuffling feet back and forth instead of jumping (I'm actually doing a combination of both easy and moderate in the video).

Dancing mountain climbers 20 total reps - Start in a pushup plank position then swing right leg to the right as you bend knee to reach right foot next to right hand. This is not like a regular mountain climber and should feel like a more circular motion (think hands on a clock). Use abs to stabilize and to move the legs faster. Make it harder by swinging legs faster. Make it easier by slowing it way down to more of a crawl.

Jump rope run in place 150 reps (optional for workout option 1) - Stay light on feet and try to relax upper body as you run in place. Each foot hitting the ground counts as one rep. Make it harder by bringing knees up higher. Make it easier by running in place without rope.

Bodycon Trend and Quick Bodycon Fat Loss Workout Tips

Bodycon dresses and skirts are more popular than ever and they're here to stay.

If you want to rock one of these frocks to a special event then you need to get your metcon fat loss workout on at least 3 times a week. You also need to eat a clean diet 80-90% of the time.

This may be the most unforgiving style of clothing out there but any woman can pull it off with a consistent fat loss workout routine and clean eating plus the quick tips below.

Fat Loss Workout Tips

1. Do your best at every workout

2. Set fat loss workout goals that work for you

3. Aim for your best body not somebody else's body

4. Eat to support your training and your fat loss goals

5. Workout smarter not harder by focusing on exercises that burn fat and work multiple muscle groups

6. Set a date for achieving your fat loss goals

7. Have fun with your fat loss workout routine!

Music by Groove Armada!

All the songs in my video are from Groove Armada's BlackLight album featured here.

This video features the second song in my video. The lighting effects in this video are pretty cool and I love her crazy skin tight outfit.