Top 7 Quick Fat Loss Secret Tips

Fat Loss Secret Tip 1. You're only 8-12 weeks away from your best body. Fat loss is not as easy as weight loss but if you're at or very close to your desired weight and/or size you're only about 8-12 weeks away from your best body. The trick to getting from where you are now to where you want to be in 8-12 weeks is having a plan and not deviating from your plan for 8-12 weeks.

Fat Loss Secret Tip 2. Whatever you've been doing so far isn't going to take you to the next level. Now is the time to tweak your workouts, to boost intensity, to add a little weight, do a few extra reps, to exercise with better technique, to progress to more challenging exercises and movement patterns. Your body won't change unless you are willing to push it beyond its comfort zone.

Fat Loss Secret Tip 3. Your diet matters now more than ever. Now is the time to do what Tom Venuto of The Body Fat Solution recommends and increase diet compliance (be your own food police). A diet that is 75% clean 25% junk is going to get you an average body. A diet that is 80% clean 20% junk is going to get you just above average but a diet that is 95% clean and only 5% junk is going to get you your best body ever. If you're eating 5 meals a day 7 days a week (or 3 meals and 2 small snacks) it means:

5 meals/snacks per day x 7 days per week = 35 meals per week x 95% = 33 clean meals per week. Only 2 of your meals or snacks can be cheats! You don't have a lot of room for error here but remember that you're only 8-12 weeks away from a killer body and it's a small sacrifice for a short period of time. Your booze and your sugar treats or greasy fries or chips will be waiting for you when you're at your lowest bodyfat but chances are you won't want them as much. Watch Tom Venuto's video for more tips.

Fat Loss Secret Tip 4. Journal everything and be honest. Start journaling every single thing you put in your mouth, every workout you do, the intensity and technique of your workouts and look for ways to improve every single day. A diet journal keeps you accountable. Use a cheap .99 notebook or a word document to track everything. Review your previous day every day and look for ways to improve.

Fat Loss Secret Tip 5. Forget about low calorie low anything diets. Your body is too smart for this especially if you're at your desired weight and have a fairly good level of fitness. As Wendy Chant author of Conquer The Fatloss Code explains "your body is a machine that was designed to survive and its survival depends on how efficient it is at taking care of all its tasks with the only fuel source it has coming in: the food you eat. When you start restricting calories or carbs on a diet it kicks into survival mode and tries it's best at calculating how it might run better by hording as many calories as it can. This is called the adaptation response." A better way to control calories and trick your body into burning more fat is to cycle calories with a carb cycling diet.

Fat Loss Secret Tip 6. Become a NEAT Freak. If you exercise 5-6 days a week then you're already an exercise freak but chances are you can find time in your day for some extra calorie burning. Tom Venuto calls this your NEAT ( non exercise activity thermogenesis) "all your physical activity throughout the day, excluding your formal workouts. NEAT includes all the calories you burn from casual walking, shopping, yard work, housework, standing, pacing and even little things like talking, chewing, changing posture, maintaining posture and fidgeting. Walking contributes to the majority of NEAT.

It seems like a bunch of little stuff – and it is – which is why most people completely ignore it. Big mistake. At the end of the day, week, month and year, all the little stuff adds up to a very significant amount of energy." explains Tom Venuto. So bike or walk to work, do more work around your house, play with your kids more, hike, swim, take your dog out for more walks, take the stairs any chance you get, stretch before bed, walk during your lunch hour etc.

Fat Loss Secret Tip 7. Do what works for YOUR body. Every person is different and one woman's fatloss workouts and fatloss diet is another's weight gain nightmare. We all have different bodies and different needs. What works for some often doesn't work for others. The best way to decide what will work for you is to assess where you are now, what you've been doing to get you there and how much you need to tweak what you're already doing that IS working to get you to the next level. Don't start changing everything. Keep doing what IS working for you and find ways to improve what isn't working. A few minor tweaks to your fatloss workouts plan can make a huge difference.