The 20 Fat Loss Diet Tips for A Lean Toned Body

Tired of diet and fitness plans that seem to work for everybody but you? The 20 fat loss diet tips below will help you focus on what matters most and when.

The quick and easy guide to finding the best diet and fitness plan that will work for you including:

5 fat loss diet tips to find your ideal plan, 5 diet tips to help you stick to the plan you choose, 5 fatloss tips to avoiding plateaus, and 5 fatloss diet tips to help you maintain your results once you reach your goal.

The practical fat loss tips that work for anybody, on any plan, anytime.

20 Fat Loss Diet Tips: Finding the Ideal Diet Plan

1. Do Your Research: Would you just buy any old house or car without checking out all your options? Of course not, and finding the perfect fat loss diet that will work for you requires work too. Check out our list of top 10 diets for fatloss for your best options.

2. Keep It Simple: Any diet that involves points, blocks, cards, obsessive calorie counting, food scales, calculators, etc. will only frustrate you and lead to failure. The less complicated the higher your chances of success.

3. Prioritize Your Metabolism: Of the 20 fat loss diet tips this is the most important one! A diet that focuses only on quantity vs. quality won't work. If you don't get this right you're fighting an uphill battle. Focus on a quality balanced diet.

4. Determine Likelihood of Compliance: A diet may look good on paper but can YOU follow it? Be honest and don't try something because it's the latest fad. It has to be doable for you or it won't work.

5. Get Advice from Experts: Your co-workers, mother, partner, neighbor all mean well, but they don't know anything about fat loss even if they've lost weight. Get advice from experts who have credentials and experience helping people like you lose the fat.

20 Fat Loss Diet Tips: Sticking to Your Diet Plan

6. Set Achievable Goals: You can't lose 100 pounds in 60 days and even if you could do that you would gain it right back so get real about your goals and your results will be real too.

7. Mind Your Preferences: Love wine, chocolate, carbs? Make sure your plan allows you to eat them from time to time otherwise you'll binge constantly.

8. Seek A Support Network: Nobody understands what you're going through except others who are also going through the same. Join a site or forums, do it with a friend, or join a boot camp. Having support will get you through the tough times.

9. Boost Nutrient Intake: Even the healthiest eaters don't get all the nutrients they need from food. Support your healthy diet with vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that fill in the gaps.

10. Make it A Lifestyle: Can you sustain this diet for life? If this answer is no then don't even try it. The best diet is one that teaches you healthy eating habits that work and that you can sustain for life.

20 Fat Loss Diet Tips: Avoiding Diet Plateaus

11. Focus on Variety: Eating the same foods over and over and over is a binge disaster just waiting to happen plus your body won't get all the nutrients it needs to burn fat from a super restricted diet.

12. Be Flexible: Being too rigid is one of the main reasons people finally freak out and eat everything in sight. Make sure your diet plan teaches you how and when to be flexible.

13. Exercise Often & With Intensity: A list of fat loss diet tips would not be complete without this tip but most fatlos plans these days suggest you can get away with little to no exercise or worst, "easy" exercise. The fact is you were built to move, often and with intensity. The faster you embrace this the faster you will stop struggling with a balanced diet.

14. Manage Food Issues: Everybody struggles with food issues like portion control, comfort eating, sugar cravings, carb overeating, avoiding vegetables, etc. Your diet needs to address these or you will never get the weight off permanently.

15. Track Your Food: Journal everything and you will soon find out how wrong you are about how healthy you eat. Every single client I work with gets I Will Lose Weight This Time! Diet Journal

A journal shows you what you're doing wrong so when you say A "but I eat healthy and I just don't understand why I can't lose weight!" you'll know how far off you really are.

20 Fat Loss Diet Tips: The Maintenance Phase

16. Shift Your Mindset: It's not easy to get out of fat loss diet mode but once you reach your goal you need to shift your mindset and think like a lean person or you'll just go back to your old habits.

17. Set New Goals: This goes hand in hand with #16. You've focused on fatloss for so long that's all you seem to think about. When you reach your goal, it's time to focus on other goals i.e. being a better athlete, setting an example for your family for life, learning a new activity, etc.

18. Keep Tracking: Your healthy eating habits will need tweaking from time to time so be sure to journal your food every now and then to keep yourself on track.

19. Try New Workouts: Your body lives for new experiences and your old workouts will eventually become stale and stop working so be sure to update your workout routine every 4 weeks to avoid plateaus or weight rebounding.

20. Manage Stress: Find stress reduction strategies that work for you and you will be less likely to turn to food, alcohol, and sedentary pursuits to feel better.