The fatloss circuit training guide offers advantages and tips for more effective workouts.

What is fatloss circuit training and why is it so effective for fat burning, weight loss and fitness? Circuit training is a type of workout where you move from one exercise to another without resting. The exercises work different body parts and can include strictly strength training exercises like shoulder presses followed by bench dips followed by dumbbell curls followed by crunches etc. A fatloss circuit workout also includes cardio intervals, stretch intervals, and so much more. For example, jumping jacks followed by squats, followed by jump rope, followed by pushups, followed by downward dog, etc.

A circuit can be easy to moderately challenging like the system that Curves and other 30 minute workout chains have developed for general fitness. It can also be very challenging and high intensity like the 300 workout or like PHAT (peripheral heart action training) where you go back and forth between exercises for upper body and lower body in order to get more work done in less time without fatiguing as easily. PHAT is the system that Bruce Lee used to get super ripped, fit, flexible, strong, and agile. Read more about it in his book. The Art of Expressing the Human Body". It's also used by many bodybuilders to burn fat without losing muscle when it's nearing competition time. Check out the video of CB doing a fatloss circuit training workout.

Advantages of circuit training include:

  • Getting more work done in less time and burning more fat and calories than moderate intensity cardio and strength training do separately.
  • Being able to train daily for 20-40 minutes vs. 4 times a week for 2 hours at a time (who the heck has time for that!).
  • Being able to train with little or no equipment or with as much equipment as you have available in your gym or home.
  • Being able to customize workouts based on your fitness level, your energy level that day, your time, or your long term or short term fitness goals.
  • Being able to build endurance, strength, and flexibility in less time and being able to transfer those skills easily to other pursuits like hiking or sports.
  • Being able to combine with other more traditional types of workouts throughout the week like running, ab workouts, leg workouts, and chest workouts.

Top Fat Loss Circuit Training Tips for Great Results:

  • Don't skip your warm-up EVER!
  • Set up your equipment before you start to avoid delays.
  • Modify exercises that are too hard until you are stronger.
  • Don't skip stretches.
  • Focus on quality movement vs. quantity.

Great Fatloss Circuit Training Workouts To Get You Started:

Circuit training workouts
Fullbody PHAT Circuit
30 Minute Fullbody Circuit

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