Fatloss Results Matter Less Than This 1 Thing

by Monica

Got clients who want to lose fat and get fit? Who doesn't. Know how to help them lose fat and get fit? What trainer doesn't?

Everybody is in the business of "fatloss and total body transformation" and you always need to focus on that during session, on your site/blog, in your marketing efforts, etc.

But here's the one thing that matters more than helping clients lose fat, it's called empowerment and it's the real reason clients stick with you for life.

They will rarely admit to this but as you get to know them they'll slowly begin to reveal their true motives.

The sad truth is most clients come in feeling pretty low about their bodies, their behavior patterns, as well as their lives.

They want so much more out of life but feel powerless to go after it. They think getting a better body is going to change everything but it doesn't. The only thing that can do that is if your training makes them feel empowered to go after their dreams.

Do you know how to do that? Learn how and your clients will stick with you for life and refer tons of clients who will also stay with you for life and so on.

Know how to empower a client to go back to school at the age of 54 to become an occupational therapist.

Know how to empower a client to find a way to get his book published.

Know how to empower a client to get over her terrible divorce and go after a big promotion at work.

Know how to empower cancer survivors to put their worries aside and finally start living again.

People care about getting results and looking good but that's not what keeps them coming back for more and it's not what motivates them to refer other clients to you.

Do you know the lifetime value of a client who renews consistently for 6 years straight vs. a client who loses a bunch of weight or gets six pack abs and only renews once or twice?

Results matter but empowerment will make you great and consistent income for as long as you want it.

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