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Fatloss and Fitness Goals Tips

by Monica

Having trouble achieving your fatloss and fitness goals? One of the biggest roadblocks to fitness and fatloss is being too focused on the end goal instead of on the steps that will get you there.

It's good to set an end goal i.e. I want to lose 20 pounds of fat by such and such a date or I want to be able to run a marathon in 6 months.

You have to know what you want in order to devise a plan. But once you do know what you want you need to set smaller workout goals that will help you achieve your end goal...

i.e. this month I will do this set of workouts, next week I will increase the number of reps on this exercise, the following week I will improve my form on that exercise, or progress one exercise in my routine to a harder level.

Below coach Scott Sonnon explains the difference between process fitness goals and product fitness goals and why it's more important to focus on the process (the means) vs. the product (the end).

His quick workout goals tips are great for those struggling to stay on track or to push past their boundaries to get the result they are after.

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