Best Fat Burning Exercises & Fatloss Workouts

Including the best fat burning exercises in your fatloss workouts guarantees that you burn more fat and get in shape faster.

Below are 3 of the best exercises that you should include in most of your workouts if you want to burn more fat and get results fast.

There are many other great exercises that also boost fatloss but these 3 are easy and very fun to modify.

You can make them as easy as you need to or as challenging as you want to and still get great results from your fatloss workouts.

Best Fat Burning Exercises: Burpee

The burpee is a great fatloss exercise that works legs and core and is also considered a high intensity cardio exercise that boost endurance and metabolism. It can also work chest, arms, and shoulders. It can even work your upper back if you add an overhead press.

My burpees video here features the original burpee plus 5 burpee modifications that can make this exercise easier or more challenging.

My favorite burpee is any type that involves a sandbell toss like the one in my Sandbell Fatloss Workout

Best Fat Burning Exercises: Lunge

The lunge is a killer fatloss exercise that can be modified so many different ways to boost fatloss as well as tone and strengthen the entire lower body.

The reverse lunge is the easiest lunge for any person (beginner or advanced) to do without knee or hip pain plus you can increase intensity without increasing strain on the knee.

My lunge video here features 6 types of lunges that you can include in your fat burning workouts. Once you master these you can move on to lateral lunges and lunges with kicks. You can also try forward lunges, step-up lunges, walking lunges, curtsey lunges, and multi-directional lunges. Most of my workouts include some type of lunge exercise but my favorite is the Fat Burning Full Body Workout that includes the twisting warrior lunge.

Best Fat Burning Exercises: Plank

The standard plank is a great exercise for core strength and once you master it there are dozens of plank variations that you can include in your fatloss workouts if you want to burn more fat and get flat abs faster.

My planks video here features 6 types of planks that blast fat, strengthen your core and flatten your abs fast. The plank exercise that I did the most when I was in the process of losing 30 pounds of fat was the forearm plank to pike. This exercise helped me get flat abs after my c-section. Now that I'm more advanced my favorite plank is the alternating side plank or the suspension trainer plank with knee tuck.

Check out my Xtreme Fat Loss Bodyweight Workout to see how I incorporate the alternating side plank into my fatloss workouts.

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