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Fat Burning Full Body Workout

by Monica

I combined four of the best fat burning exercises into a full body workout that can be completed in under 25 minutes.

This total body workout blasts fat, builds strength, targets every inch of your abs, legs, butt, and upper body. All you need is a Gymboss timer, a set of slightly heavy dumbbells and a suspension trainer or training rings.

Full Body Workout Instructions:

Start with 4 minutes of warmup exercises or your favorite mobility exercises. It may be tempting to skip the warmup or jump on a treadmill instead but mobility work will make the difference between an o.k. workout and a killer workout so try not to skip it or replace it with a traditional cardio warmup.

Workout Option 1: Perform a continous work circuit, working on each of the exercise below for 60 seconds and going from one exercise to the next without rest. Repeat for 16 minutes of continous work circuit.

Workout Option 2: Perform 8 rounds of tabatas of each exercise below working on one exercise at a time. That's 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of recovery of the first exercise then continue with the next exercise and so on.

Twisting Warrior Lunges w/ Db Curl to Press - Start in a lunge position with db at your sides then curl the db and pivot the feet to turn the body to the left as you press the db overhead then pivot the feet and turn the body to the left again as you lower the db at your sides then repeat to the right and continue alternating sides. Focus on creating 90 degree angles on both sides, focus on the core for stability, keep your spine long, head up, and shoulder back at all times.

Table Lift - Sit with legs straight out in front of you and with fingertips pointing forward and shoulder blades pulled down and together, place hands right along side hips then press through the heels as you bend the knees and squeeze the glutes to raise up into a table position, press through the heels again to return to sitting and keep repeating.

TRX Pullup Prep w/ kick - Hang right under the TRX with shoulder blades pulled down and together, legs bent and only toes touching the floor then bend the arms and pull up to stand on one toe as you kick one leg up to waist or chest level. Slowly lower, repeat on the other side and continue alternating sides.

TRX Reverse Pullups w/ knees tuck - Jump up into a pull up position with knees tucked into chest and shoulder blades pulled down and together then slowly lower until your feet touch the ground. Stand back up and repeat.

Cool down with 5 minutes of flow yoga or stretches that target your entire body. Got questions? Ask me below.

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Fat Burning Full Body Workout

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Great Tabata Workout- What About This?
by: MaryEllen Giombetti

Hey Monica-
This looks like a great workout and I can't wait to try it on Wednesday. I love doing Tabata workouts. I was wondering your thoughts on mixing up the order of exercises if doing Option 2. Do you think it would compromise the effectiveness of the workout at all? Thanks- MaryEllen

mixing up bootcamp exercises
by: Monica

Great question. It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish and also the fitness level of individuals in your group.

One of the most important things I ever learned from my CHEK certs is always start with the toughest exercises or the ones that require most stability. This minimizes the chance of injury big time. i.e. people with hip/core stability issues need to do twisting lunge first since it is a more complex demanding move and then follow up with less demanding stuff like a table top.

If you have more advanced participants with a good level of fitness and no injuries then doing exercises that pre-fatigue first is a fun fatloss technique i.e. table lift first to pre-fatigue quads and glutes then twisting lunge to recruit tons of core since the legs will be pre-fatigued but most people just can't handle this. Even I struggle with this because of old injuries.

Another thing to consider is if individuals have postural issues then prepping exercises must always come before complex moves i.e. I always need to prep scapular retraction because most of my clients have scary postural issues or shoulder injuries so pullup prep will always come before pullup and should for anybody who is injured or just not very strong or any person who has issues with really bad form. You will be amazed how prep moves can help people pull with better form.

Anyway, long answer but hope it helps. I strongly recommend CHEK certs for any trainers who really want to get better at program design, rehab, or just getting clients better results.

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