Extreme Fitness & Hardcore Workouts

If youíve been convinced that you need hardcore workouts and extreme fitness tactics to burn fat and get results then consider yourself another victim of the latest fitness fad promoted by "Show Up & Throw Up" Facilities popping up all over the U.S.

One of the biggest problems in fitness right now is there are hardly any sensible people left dishing out good advice. You either have lunatic ruthless trainers with no program design skills and huge egos yelling at you to go as hard as you can or go home, or you have the skilled con artists trying to sell you on the 2 day a week workout and the eat whatever you like diet.

Neither of these so called professionals is going to help you reach your goals faster and the former could induce a nasty case of Rhabdomyolysis that will land you in the emergency room and can lead to acute kidney failure.

Extreme Fitness Trainers Work In All Types of Facilities

The thing about hardcore workouts and extreme fitness boot camps, with names like Ruthless Training, (the facility that got sued for $500,000 by a participant who ended up with a nasty case of Rhabdomyolysis and permanent kidney damage) have been around forever.

Which means that "hardcore" personal trainers have also been around for a long time.

I worked with a couple of creepy people like this and hereís some scary facts you need to know so you donít end up with a torn rotator cuff, herniated discs, or a nasty case of uncle Rhabdo (as crossfit enthusiasts like to call it).

The Facts About Hardcore Workouts & Extreme Fitness Trainers

1. Have rarely taken courses in program design and would fail an exam on training volume or types of strength (thereís 6 by the way and none of them include the phrase "real world").

2. Have no regard for your current fitness level and will throw you into the deep end because "you asked for it". According to them itís your responsibility to know when enough is enough. Hmmm, I though thatís what you hired a fitness professional to do!!!

3. Ask you to fill out a health history but never bother addressing your past injuries and health issues. They may not even return your call if you think you need to go to the hospital after one of their killer workouts. Read about Ilene Duncan and Julie Kahn's Killer Bootcamp Workout to see just how ugly things can get.

4. Believe that itís your responsibility to know when you're training too hard. Theyíre too busy with their own agenda to monitor your progress and donít you forget that!

5. Have no plan, and typically throw exercises together that make no sense. If you asked them to show you a master plan for your next 4 weeks of training they donít have one.

6. Can be found just about anywhere and are not exclusive to places like Crossfit. I worked with people like this at Bally's who has also been sued and there was an upscale private studio here in Tucson (no longer in business) that also did not hire anybody who did not embrace their make clients puke philosphy.

7. Typically brag about their extreme fitness sessions and often showcase pics of people on their blog who look like they've just been through months of radiation (cuz looking sexy is for wussies).

What The Experts Are Saying About Extreme Fitness Trainers

Here's what Charles Poliquin one of the masters of program design had to say about this type of training, "It takes more than a single weekend seminar to develop the competency to teach certain types of exercises, or to prescribe protocols for complex training methods. I'd include Olympic lifts, strongman exercises, and plyometrics in this category. These training methods are sometimes criticized as dangerous by strength coaches. But when you look at why athletes become injured, you can often point to poor technique."

Basically what Charles is saying is that virtually anybody can perform a complex exercise once they get the technique down but this is what most "hardcore" trainers just donít have the skill to teach you.

Be sure to watch my video to learn how to break down one of the most popular bootcamp exercises around. Start with basic burpees and get more complex as you get more fit. Any fitness expert who doesn't know how to teach you this basic fitness concept isn't worth your time or your money.

How Hardcore Do Workouts Need To Be For Fatloss & Fitness

So how hard do you need to workout to get results? The fact is you don't need extreme fitness to transform your body. Getting results isnít about being hardcore and it should probably not involve puking either. If youíre goal is to burn fat and look great then follow these basic principles and you will get a better body faster without getting hurt.

1. Donít ignore your weaknesses! Address old injuries, faulty movement patterns, and imbalances and you will increase your fat burning potential.

2. Learn proper exercise technique and donít try exercises that are clearly too complicated for your skill level until your body (not you) is ready.

3. Stick to an exercise plan of some sort for at least 4 weeks. Doing random workouts is your fast ticket to failure and/or permanent injuries.

4. Modify workouts and exercises to your fitness level and your needs. Take past injuries and health into consideration when choosing workouts.

5. Memorize this mantra: "more isnít better, better is better". Mark Verstegen author of Core Performance taught me this at his training facility in Phoenix 6 years ago.

6. Choose workouts that will help you accomplish your goals. Thereís no point in pulling cars or trying gymnastics moves unless you plan on competing in those sports.

7. Listen to your body. Your body is smarter than you and it will tell you when youíre pushing too hard. Pay attention to your breathing patterns, muscle spasms, twinges, or any other physical signs that youíre beyond fatigued and on the verge of injury.

Transform your body with the top 3 fatloss workout tricks that work for every day people just like you. The best way to get results without putting your life in danger.

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