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Best Exercise Videos in 5 Categories Plus Tips for Online Exercise Video Sites

There are so many great exercise videos out there and so little time to try them all. The list below includes my top picks in various categories.

I either bought these fitness videos or got them through netflix or an online membership site so I have tried all these workouts to make sure they deliver the fat blasting toning and fitness results you need.

Best Exercise Videos In 5 Categories

Bootcamp Workouts: Barry's Bootcamp Complete Workout System are the best best bootcamp fitness dvds out there. Easier on the knees than Billy Blanks and a lot more challenging than SWAT or Crunch.

Barry combines all the best moves into fat blasting circuits that build lean sexy muscle, tone trouble zones, and help you lose weight. Plus he brings the high energy bootcamp motivation just like great bootcamp trainers do and this helps you push past any barriers so you can get the best workout ever. Barry's my number one choice for people looking to lose weight and get fit at home.

Total Body Transformation Plan: P90x Extreme Home Fitness with Tony Horton - Set of 13 Dvds is the best set of fitness dvds out there for total body transformation. I love Tony's humor, his energy, and the workouts are amazing. If you've been working out in the gym for a while and you're in fairly good shape but you're looking to take it to the next level then Tony will show you how. You will not be disappointed with this set of fitness dvds. I loved being on this plan and my only complaint is that the workouts can be somewhat long. I still use the plyo workout from time to time. My sister is using P90X now and she really likes it too plus a couple of trainers I work with at the gym love it too. Get a sneak peak of P90X and see if it's for you.

Fat Blasting Cardio: I've tried everything in this category including Hula Hoop Workouts, Kickboxing, Striptease Aerobics, Bellydance, Salsa, & Turbo Jam (just to name a few) so this category is a tough call. I loved Turbo Jam Maximum Results DVD Set. It burns tons of fat and calories while also toning but my favorite is definitely Total Body Cardio Toning with Tanja Djelevic this cardio dvd is super easy to follow requires no equipment and can be modified to make it as easy or as hard as you want. Great for days when you don't want to jump on a cardio machine or head outdoors for sprints but you still want to blast tons of fat and calories with full body movement. Only downside is the instructor is not very high energy so if you need extra motivation definitely go with Turbo Jam instead.

Core Workouts: I've tried a few ab workouts and most of them were very disappointing. Too much crunching and not enough focus on real core activation. I though I would never find a great core workout dvd but I finally tried Shiva Rea Creative Core Absand I was blown away by what a difference this made for me. If you want to strengthen your core and flatten your belly forget about all those crunching ab workouts and get started with this! Some of the moves feel weird at first but once you get the hang of it you'll never go back to regular old ab workouts. I have become such a huge fan of Shiva workouts that I include portions of her exercise videos as part of many free workout plans here on the site.

Tips for Membership Sites Offering Exercise Videos & Downloads

There are dozens of new sites offering access to exercise videos or video downloads but here's what you need to know before you get out your credit card or pull up your paypal account.

1. Membership or Payment Options The best site are the ones that give you multiple payment options allowing you to pay per video, per month, or per year. Be sure to find out exactly what you are paying for and what type of cancellation or refund policies they have if you are not happy with their service. Treat your online membership like you would a gym membership. Get all the details before paying.

2. Type of Instructors Make sure the instructors teaching the classes you're interested in are certified and that their qualifications and experience are listed somewhere on the site. Check out a few of the instructors in action if possible to make sure it's a good fit for you.

3. Workout Options Decide whether you want a ton of variety or a more focused experience. Some sites feature everything from cycling to post pregnancy to bootcamp while others focus stritctly on mind body classes like yoga, pilates, meditation, etc.

4. Preview Options Be sure that you can preview the workouts or the service before signing up. Some sites allow you to preview workouts, others only give you a glimpse of the service. Get a general idea of what the workouts will look like so you're not disappointed.

5. Download Format Find out how you'll be receiving the exercise videos. Some sites stream 24/7 and you only get access by logging in. Other allow you to upload the files to your computer or mp3 or both. Some sites do all the above but charge more for downloads. Find a format that will work best for your needs.