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Exercise Regression for Better Fatloss Workouts

by Monica

Struggling with fatloss exercises can be incredibly frustrating but being hardcore isn't the answer. A smarter way to get your body to do what you want is with exercise regression.

Regression (modification) simply means going back to the most basic form of an exercise. It requires that you check your ego at the door every time you train (at least for a few weeks) but the reward is well worth it.

Just last month I was struggling with the single leg squat to swoop, an exercise from my new bodyweight fat loss workout plan. I was beyond frustrated trying to force my body to do something it could not do (which is why I ended up in pain at the Neuromuscular therapist's office).

After this episode I decided I needed to train smarter so I regressed to the most basic form of the single leg squat and now 5 weeks later I can do a modified single leg squat to wheel and am slowly working my way back to a full single leg squat to swoop (swoop is much harder for me than wheel).

Watch the video below to see how hard the single leg squat portion of the exercise was for me, how I regressed this exercise and the end result.

Remember that your body will not burn fat if your technique stinks so much that you're causing damage so make sure to go back to basics any time you are struggling with something new. You'll avoid pain, injuries, and eventually progress much faster.

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Exercise Regression for Better Fatloss Workouts

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Great info & music
by: Tina

I had no idea there was even such a thing as a squat to wheel or swoop, so it's a given that I'd need to regress to get there, lol.

Monica, it is kinda rare that I really love a workout track, but the one you played during this video was great...Who was it?????

Thanks for all that you do!


P.S. The link to the bodyweight revolution workout plan doesn't seem to work.

favorite trippy workout music
by: Monica

The song is Deo by Amon Tobin. My aerial instructor always plays his trippy music in class so I'm kind of obsessed with him right now and have used his music in quite a few videos.

The BER site seems to be down today but I'm sure it will be back up soon. Server glitches I'm guessing.

Amon Tobin
by: Tina

Thanks, Monica

Gotta get me some of that trippy music!

Good music really helps make for a better workout and makes it more enjoyable. I used to think that slower music wouldn't work with hardcore workouts like kettlebells, but I find that I like it sometimes.

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