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Exercise Motivation Rant

by Monica

I get tons of emails and forum messages from people who really want to lose weight, look fit and be healthy but they lack the exercise motivation to workout and they just can't eat healthy.

Huh? I just don’t get that. How can you want something so badly but then not be willing to do the work to get it (that includes researching diets and workouts). I'm baffled by this so I was doing some research on this subject yesterday and I ran across a fitness blog by the FitJerk and here’s what FitJerk had to say about people who whine and complain about lack of exercise motivation (a huge pet peeve among most trainers, btw).

"The thing you need to realize is that discipline is fueled by motivation and its NOT a constant stream of awesomeness that you experience everyday. If you were to take the concept of motivation and visualize it, it would look like those spikes you see in a heart monitor, not a sloping line heading upwards. No matter who you are, you just cannot be motivated 100% of the time… it’s too much stimulus for your body to handle constantly. Think of being on speed 24/7… people would think you’re a damn whack job. This is why people seek external sources of motivation..."

FitJerk has a great point. His article also mentions how even Jillian Michaels needs a full time trainer to get her going!

So what outside sources of motivation will you be using when you feel like skipping your workout? Mine is watching videos of dancers doing amazing things with their bodies. Silly but it works for me.

You can share your ideas below if you like.

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Exercise Motivation Rant

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Exercise Motivation Trick
by: Monica

This simple exercise motivation trick by Penny Hoff really works. In her video below she explains that feeling unmotivated to exercise has a lot to do with negative self talk but this negative self talk can easily be defeated when you think of exercise as a part of your daily routine, kind of like brushing your teeth.

Can you imagine having a major dilema over having to brush your teeth? Me either. It's really that simple.

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