Earn More Personal Trainer Income With A Niche Fitness Site

by Monica


Ever wonder how some sites that give away free workouts and fitness advice earn a great income and others don't? There's a lot of personal trainers who earn a second paycheck with sites just like mine that rank in the top 1% of all sites on the internet.

Check out all these cool Sports & Fitness Sites that make money just giving away workouts and advice. I think the list will blow you away. My site isn't on that list it's on the health & medicine list (in case you want to see where I rank).

Believe it or not this site started out as a bootcamp site for my own personal training business but after months of brainstorming with all the cool tools that come with my site I decided I wanted to go after something bigger, better, more exciting.

Want to do the same? Head over to the Google Adsense Tutorial to learn how this works.

People used to laugh at me and even insult me back when I used to talk about starting a profitable site that would offer free workouts and fitness advice. They said it was a stupid idea.

I'm glad I wasn't as skeptical or negative as they were. The funny video below sounds exactly like the conversations I used to have with people all the time.

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